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Hello, I'm cccvvvttt. Why? Because... I couldn't think of anything better. Also all my works consist of HIE stories. Maybe that will change if I ever write something else, but mostly that



When Rainbow Dash and her friends get lost in the human world, they must find a way out. While alone in the forest, however, Rainbow discovers a child, who doesn't have the best home life

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Is the misspell of "guardian" intentional?

Hmm, could it be longer, in my opinion every story I like could be ages longer... But sadly they are not, however for a prologue, I guess it's pretty good. It got it's point across and I'm very interested in what you intend to write next, so long or short, you got me waiting for more.:heart:

Thank you, my good man, or women, or pony. Are you a pony?

I'd personally identify as an Oreo klondike bar if I had the option... one day my friend, one day!:rainbowdetermined2:

This is great!!!! will this story replace Free at last as my fav story only time will tell.:yay:

A gary stu is an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character. more commonly referred to as a mary sue
definition from wikipedia

Well, this isn't the only story I'm working on, I'm also working on the seqeul to free at last

Also the prolougue is the perfect length though the other chapters should be longer

basiclly the human has a dark past is super friendly no one gets pissed at him everyone love him that sort of thing

Oh, thank you for telling me this. This will effect the story, I'll try to make it not like that. I'll make Drake seem innocent, but he really is just trying to hide his anger side. He might lash out, and might have to cope with that. Yeah, I think I'll do that. Or maybe that would be with Rainbow, I don't know yet


NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!!!!!! Jk, I don't know

okay because I can link you a few stories with gary and mary sues so you can learn

I just got done reading the first chapter and I like it 😊 You did amazing job on it 😊

This is going to be interesting there are not many momy dash fic's out there.

I know, right? Thats part of the reason why I'm writing this. That and the fact that I love to write these types of storys.

Wow this was good incredibly good, please update soon.

Interesting concept. I can already tell Rainbow will teach his dad a lesson.

Don't worry, I will. Through, I will be working on another story, along with this one, so yeah

It wil be traumaziting but it was self defense after all. As a side note, I’m sure Rainbow’s parents will like Drake, given how they reacted to Scootaloo.

And the CMC will like him, that’s for sure.

welp that could of gone better

You mean the writing, or the events that happened?

a bit of both like you cold of described the living room the kitchen and stuff a little better and that was a hoof to the dude's face the guy has gotta have a broken nose at least.

Yeah, this was not my best chapter.

HOW??? HOW??? HOW did I NOT notice that chapter 1 came out *has a look of utter confusion on face* also i liked this chapter looking forward to chapter 2!
Also Heres an an error at the end of this line: Rainbow, knowing that she had to get out of there, quickly went up to Zachary.

While Drake's father may have deserved death, being killed by his own son, a little boy, is disturbing. :twilightoops:

Did not expect that. :applejackunsure:

But how do we know if he is dead or not? He could be dead, sure, but maybe.........

His dad needed to die was a waste of life:twilightsmile:

Oh, that's her right foreleg! For a moment I thought this was an anthro fic.

This story just keeps getting better and better:pinkiehappy:

wow just keeps getting better.

Well, and so Drake’s new life is about to begin. The CMC will surely have an interest in him. Better watch out for DIamond and Silver, unless this takes place after the CMC got his cutie marks.

i like your profile pic.....i too like giant kitty kisses

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