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Hello, I'm cccvvvttt. Why? Because... I couldn't think of anything better.

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Story posted · 7:20pm January 30th

After some time, my new story is here. Check it out!

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Hope things turn around for you

Hello I just wanted to say I love your stories and I’ve read so many of them most of them were awesome I loved the ones where Zachary was adopted by twilight and I can’t wait for the trail 2 And his father John was such a jerk now there is something I’d want to ask you could we role play I really want to rp with you and my name irl is Zachary I like being called zach and for the rp you can be twilight as my mom I’ve always wanted to rp with you I have Instagram messenger and discord Snapchat if you wanna rp on Instagram my username is ShadowSinister665#1700 and my Instagram is Light_the_raichu I hope we can rp twilight is such a caring mom I really wanna rp with you I really love your stories thank you :D

Comment posted by Thederpymuffins deleted Apr 14th, 2020
Comment posted by Thederpymuffins deleted Apr 14th, 2020
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