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Hello, I'm cccvvvttt. Why? Because thats just what i choose for my username

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I think I'm crazy, but is it really a bad thing? · 4:37am Sunday

I know this might sound edgy, but I feel comfortable sharing this on this site. My mind is... Dark, if you couldn't already tell. I feel like I slip into more and more insanity each day... But the thing is, is that I'm okay with this. My mind comes up with more and more darker things as time goes on. I don't hurt anyone because of my journey into madness. I just use it to write about dark things, and that's why I'm okay with me being "Crazy" or "Insane" because that 's where the inspiration

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Welcome to Epic Adventure, High Fantasy, and Sci-Fi!

I really like your bio:rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for your follow, as well.

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