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Hello, I'm cccvvvttt. Why? Because thats just what i choose for my username


This story is a sequel to Fractured Memories

When Zachary doesn't wake up morning, Twilight tries to figure out what happened to him. Meanwhile, Zachary wakes up in a town that looked like the ones in his world, except this one is abandoned and covered in a thick fog. Soon, however, he finds out he isn't exactly alone.

(This is a crossover with Silent Hill)

Chapters (3)

When the mane six end up getting trapped in the human world. Rainbow Dash comes across a child crying in an alleyway. But why was he crying...?

Chapters (2)

This is a re-imagining of Free at Last https://www.fimfiction.net/story/401389/free-at-last

Chapters (10)

This story is a sequel to Rainbow Maned Guardian

Drake is now in Equestria, and all seems well, except for Drake. He can't forget what happened to him, and Rainbow knows this fact. They go get help from a therapist, who tries to help Drake overcome his haunting memories of his father...

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Free at last.

After Twilight made Zachary her official son, they have a great time with each other, as they bond as mother and son. While they have good encounter's with most ponies, they can't say that about everypony.....

Teen because I'm not sure yet

Chapters (7)

When Rainbow Dash and her friends get lost in the human world, they must find a way out. While alone in the forest, however, Rainbow discovers a child, who doesn't have the best home life

Chapters (11)

She doesn't belong in her world, but if she doesn't belong there.... where does she?

This Story has two endings, both of them in the same chapter

Chapters (1)

Zachary's life has been hard. His parents cared but left him to rot with his foster parents, who saw him as a slave. He gets beat up almost everyday by sixth graders, who don't know the true pain he has been through. How much more can he take? He then wakes up in a world unknown to him, where he finds out more about his past, and the dark truth that lies ahead.

This story isn't just a story about a child getting mistreated, then getting sent to Equestria, it's more than that. Everyone and everypony has a reason for what they do, but those reasons remain a mystery, until... you find out what is really happening. That's what I tried to do, anyway. It's your own opinion.

Cover art by: Johnrunner Jonrunner1

Chapters (11)
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