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Feel free to acquaint yourself with other lovers of the incredible and elevate your tales in the forum.

Restrict story promotions in the forum to one a week per story. Discussion related to adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi subjects is certainly welcome in the threads and also subject to the "one promotion a week" rule.

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new to this, and newly made an wattpad account to spread the word about fimfic (soon)

Alright. I'll add it to the folder for <50k words for now, til it gets past that. Thank you. ^^

You base things on what a story will be. Do not over think it. :scootangel:

Would anyone be willing to tell me if my story qualifies? The Hero Club (not linking it because I don't want to accidentally violate a rule.) Hasn't quite gotten into the adventure stage yet, but I plan for it to in future chapters.

I didn’t know you could do invites on Fimfiction (a common theme, it seems).

Well, I’ll take the plunge. :heart:

Thanks for the invite! I have arrived! :3

Glad to hear.

I appreciate, as well as, accept the invitation.

Eh I wanted to get more in touch with my heritage

Why bother? It is how you talk? :rainbowhuh:

Glad to. Adventure calls!

We follow one another. And who doesn't love good fantasy stuff?

Thank you for the invite:pinkiehappy:, although i must ask, how did you even manage to find me?
anyways kudos to you for that and have a nice day:scootangel:

Hey, bro. Thanks for invite

Thank you so much for the invite! :heart:

Heh. Now that I think of it, I took the "Adventure" tag off my story, if I am being really stingy on my definition... Wondering if any of you have read Amulet of Shades, and if so, do you think it qualifies as an adventure?

And I'm #73. Thanks for the invite!:twilightsmile:

It’s the total amount of hours that it took me to shift my Canadian accent to an Irish one!

That’s because it’s actually somewhat significant to me IRL!

  • Viewing 3 - 22 of 22
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