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"Freedom is not a right. Liberty is not a given. This city needs an iron fist to restore order. There shall be no resistance. No matter who stands in our way." ā€” Charles Bliss

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I'm not dead · 5:50pm Sep 12th, 2018

so two things need to be said right now
one: I'm okay with criticism, but DO NOT and I can't stress this enough do not spread salty comments or unhelpful criticism
what does that look like well something like this "oh this story sucks" or "this is the shitiest story ever" if you must and thanks to those who do say something like "you know I didn't find this story to be good but here's how you could improve" or "hey I noticed some grammar errors here"

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Sir, you make me proud
Even though I'm just a MCJROTC Cadet this is pretty awesome.
Thank you

Iā€™m probably just gonna tweak it a bit and then re-submit it and see where we go from there

Sorry your new story for me I like it very much a very strong opening

Thank you for the favorite! Hopefully i meet your expectations

I just do it to be nice to everyone because everyone deserves a follow :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 2 - 6 of 6
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