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I am a Youtuber I have a Twitter @1DoctorPony I have lots story's to tell and I want to write some stuff for you all to enjoy


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So here’s the plan · 11:34pm Dec 21st, 2019

The plan O p e r a t I o n H e l p m e G o d

.Write chapters and rewrite chapters
.Do each one at a time but update story’s with short chapters if have too
..finish Ace Ventura chapter 2 that you’ve been waiting for.
..wishing you all a Marry Christmas

God I hope I do this.

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if you have not, there a site that you can watch it it kimcartoon.to and you can watch anything you want.

Thanks for the recommendation, but I’ve never watched the show

oh can you write monster high/mlp crossover story?

Thanks for following me.

I don't know yet

yeah, I always have a tendency to use that old saying a little bit more often :)

True. True.

but hey, Don't Judge a Book by it's cover :raritywink:

Beyblade burst is the worst revision of beyblade ever and they disgrace the name of beyblade

Heh. =3

btw, how are you enjoying the current series of Beyblade on Disney XD? :)

you like Beyblade? =3

Thanks it means a lot

Since 30th of October and you already have 6 followers, that's amazing man.

I know mt mistake amd I reprint it funny

I just want to right some stuff for you all.


I hope this was ok. :fluttershyouch:

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