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I am a Youtuber I have a Twitter @1DoctorPony I have lots story's to tell and I want to write some stuff for you all to enjoy


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1 year of Fimfiction · 4:43am Nov 5th, 2018

So I'm late for this, but I would like to say that I might have forgotten that Halloween was that day but anyway, one year of fimfiction that's a long time. I know that I myself have bad writing but the most important thing behind that is that I want to get the stories that I'm trying to tell to be told in the best possible way I can, I'm only one person. Recently I've been using Fanfiction a lot, Fanfiction will be my non - mlp platform which I will write stories about other things recently

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Thanks for following me.

I don't know yet

yeah, I always have a tendency to use that old saying a little bit more often :)

True. True.

but hey, Don't Judge a Book by it's cover :raritywink:

Beyblade burst is the worst revision of beyblade ever and they disgrace the name of beyblade

Heh. =3

btw, how are you enjoying the current series of Beyblade on Disney XD? :)

you like Beyblade? =3

Thanks it means a lot

Since 30th of October and you already have 6 followers, that's amazing man.

I know mt mistake amd I reprint it funny

I just want to right some stuff for you all.


I hope this was ok. :fluttershyouch:

I just story's for you guys to read and enjoy and beyblade metal friendship is my new story Ali hope you enjoy the first chapter

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