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I've hit A Writers block · 12:42pm August 23rd

I honestly don't know how to explain this, but my first story I have somehow hit a writer's block at only chapter 3, it's dumb I know but, I honestly have no idea what to do about it.

But I have been thinking about ideas for a new story whenever I try to write Deviant, and i have no idea how to put that into the story

so i'm making another story.
NO promises that this one will get finished though

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Thanks for coming back and adding “Like Sister, Like Student" and "Nyx Returns" to your favorites and especially the exclusive MY GOD THESE ARE GOOD folder!
I'm so pleased you like Nyx as much as I do.
Look forward to seeing you again soon!

Hi there, thanks a bunch for adding Stranded to your faves:twilightsmile:, glad to see that some people still enjoy it:pinkiegasp:, even after a year of no update so far:facehoof:, hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.:ajsmug:

thank you for the fav on my "The love of a mother" XD I'm glad you like it so much

Hey, thanks for reading 'Sol Point'! Glad you liked it!

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