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You have some pretty serious insomnia. Thankfully, though, there's this beautful, cuddly pony princess that's figured out how to come to earth, and for some reason, she's chosen to help you with your sleeping problem with lots of physical affection and snuggles.

Within this tome are the accounts of some of the nights you've spent together, complete with graphic cuddling detail.

EDIT: Woke up to seeing this featured, 3/6/18! Thanks!
EDIT: Featured at #2 same day- Rock n' Roll!

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I actually need to read this at night, lawd its snuggly!:rainbowkiss:

D’aaww! I wanna snuggle now!:raritydespair:

This makes me want to build a warm fort. It has been years!:heart:


Luna, the Snuggle Princess, the Queen of Cuddles, and the Deliverer of Warmth!

Good start.

This was just adorable!

Well, guess we have found the cure for the common cold!

All of my fuzzyness! All of them!:twilightsmile:

(Makes me wanna get a lifesize plush of best Princess.)

I can't give enough likes to this...

1001 Arabian Knights? Shameless.... Is that a pair of iconic mouse ears I see over the horizon? 😀

It happens all the time- I bet whoever was first to get bird flu enjoyed cuddling the chicken much less than he would have a pony.


Hit hit the featured Please, oh my, it so adorable!

As of now, it’s featured at #6! :3

You’re a pony, so whatever virus you got can’t infect me.

But then how his meds gon help her? Get good LmAoOoOoOoOo :trollestia:

Had to come back after work to comment on this. I actually often get to sleep wrapped in a thick fuzzy blanket with a pony plush pretending the blanket is Luna's wings.

....so, it goes without saying how much I enjoyed this

Literally it makes me so happy to hear comments like that. I write cuddle stories because they make me feel happy, and hearing that others enjoy them too is just awesome :3

It makes me want to be that guy

Even just reading this... My gosh! Even the glory of muffins cannot match this! So bookmarking this story!

Very cute, perfect story to go to bed to! Though maybe I missed some implications but was it actual romance or just friend snuggles, given the tags and what not.

Shame it never became romantic love, made me a little sad but that's just because I personally could never let her go. Great story!

Loved it until they started talking about each other's lifespans.

Then it just became an Esoteric Happy Ending.

Sorry to hear you didn’t like the ending :(

How come I haven't heard of this until now?

I expected something a bit different, but alright.

Can you please stop making tears come to my eyes over how lonely I am? If I had a pony to cuddle then I likely wouldn't be a depressed piece of shit. Lucky you.
Great fic btw, super cute and I wish it could come true.

You should read the rest of my cuddle stories to make yourself feel less cripplingly depressed. It's what I do.

Very cute indeed.

I heard thou gives snuggles. GIVE ME SNUGGLES! :twilightangry2:

How expensive is a nice pony plush? Maybe not life-size, but maybe around the 20-inch range? I reeeally want one. :pinkiecrazy:

You can get 12-16 inch for as low as 20-30 USD, if you look in the right place (ie, high quality Chinese knockoffs).

so heartwarming i had to take medicine, so cute so adorbs much fluff

10/10 would cuddle again

Oh, I'm glad it isn't something bad. Phew!

How many of you guys have wondered if there IS a sepetrate dimension that has Equestria, and they're working on a spell to travel to Earth or something? I know I have.

Also, my Grandfather served in Patton’s Third Army. *salutes*

Fluff absolute fluff !!!:rainbowkiss: good story nice light and read.

Have a favorite from me sir/madam :ajsmug:

Not only that, how do you think the avian flu, pig flu, rabies, etc could infect humans? :rainbowlaugh: human-animal interactions.

why do i feel cold and alone now... :raritycry:

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