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Back in Action · 1:03am Dec 1st, 2017

I just realized more people found this story this past summer. I'm sorry I haven't been pushing updates faster. Chapter 2 has been ready for my first editing pass for ages, and I've been putting it off because I'm still unhappy with the first draft.

That changes tonight. I have 2 hours, starting now. I'm going to sit down and fix it. Once my editor gets a look at it, I'll publish this thing without further hesitation.

Thank you for your patience.

Report Relagen · 108 views · Story: For Her Happiness, or Yours? ·
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2413744 0-o Oh wow, that was a site that used way back in the day. It's been years since I last even logged in that place. And did you now? Wasn't expecting that one actually.

2413642 ponyfictionarchive.net, actually. I don't recommend using that, btw. I had a lot of trouble with malicious ads when I was reading on there.

2413580 Did you now? Must have been FanFiction.net where you came across it then. Or there must be another external upload that I'm unaware of, but aside from that, it's always good to meet somebody who has read my work from earlier days!

2413508 You're very welcome. I actually read Blood Curse Boutique a while ago on another site (I started before you finished it even). I got excited when I saw your name on here. :pinkiehappy:

A big thanks for the watch my dear.

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