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"Late night, come home. Work sucks! I know!"


Spike has had a lot of extra time since Twilight and Starlight have become busy with their various duties. It's understandable, but he feels rather useless at times.

After taking a trip to the local hospital, Spike starts volunteering to entertain the fillies and colts in the children's wing. Spreading laughs and smiles to children and families who need encouragement is more fulfilling then he could have ever wished.

But, when a certain blonde-maned pegasus with much less fortunate circumstances takes notice of Spike and just how caring he truly is, how will Spike react?

Editors: Note Pad, ChappedPenguinLips, and Soaring.

Cover art by Doctor Disco

What critics have to say about Blonde Moments:

"...so cute and heartwarming and wholesome that I literally think I'll end up being dumb and shoehorning SpikeXDerpy into my fics from now on." - re-Yamsmos

"I Love you for this story.... And I Hate you for it" - DocShadowVine

"Well, that was rude. Didn't ask for even more feels." - JMP

"Too real too fast. Ouch." - _SkyHorse

"... it made me cry... at work. I work at a front desk for a public building. I loved it so much!" - RainbowShyBrony

"I think this story cured my depression, it was beautiful and a work of art." - The Sandwich Guardian

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After most of the trash you throw my way, this was a much needed respite.

Thanks again, bruh. I owe you one.

I have weakness for Derpy stories... I like her as a smart mare despite the eye things. Most of my headcanons for her are badass roles barely hindered by the eyes at all. When this is complete, I should get around to reading it, but i have tons of stories I am following so I will just have to stalk this and hope I catch it. I love love love mother roles and Derpy is best mom!

Yeah, I'm really hopeful I can finish this story over the next couple months. It's a longer one, so it'll take a bit, but it's also gonna be my pet project for the time being.

as long as you finish it between NOW and before you die, I don't care how long it takes! This isn't the only story I am following (despite not currently following it, I AM following YOU though) that I am dying to read, I just don't read too many in progress stories! :rainbowlaugh:

I think I can do that, my friend. Mark my words.


Well then, you definitely need to take a look at "Where is My Love?" , particularly the later chapters, where you can see some of the badass that Derpy sometimes shows in her Pegasi heritage. (My headcanon is that the Pegasi are similar to the Spartans, so ever stallion, mare and foal knows how to fight, even if he/she is primarily pacifist. It also works with my headcanon of don't ever piss off Fluttershy if you want to stay alive, but that's for another day).

EDIT: I'm assuming that you haven't read that story. If you already have, just disregard my comment; you probably already know about our main muffin-loving mailmare.

Funny, I consider these the order of Ponies you don't want to fuck with... and only 1 and 2 have stories (sadly unpublished)

1. Fluttershy (She is sweet and innocent 99.99% of the time but piss her off? She is the most dangerous pony in my version of Equestria

2. Derpy (To date, I have Derpy as a monster shadow killer, completely badass, one of my stories has her as a sex addict capable of tiring out anypony and she is banned from orgies, and she works for Luna as a backup in case the Elements fail. She has been the mother/sister figure for Scootaloo, and in three of my stories is mother to her! So yeah, don't piss off Derpy! She has alicorn levels of skill and mayhem! I wonder if it is obvious if I like Derpy at all :trollestia:

Haven't read it yet. Is it anthro? I am not quite as fond of anthro stories, sex or otherwise.. but if it is good enough.... If not, then I will read it one of these days if it isn't too depressing or tragic.

I like where this is going so far, you've got Twilight out of the way for a while, and a Spike who does more than just sit around on his off time.

Right now the question is just if you're writing him with Derpy or Dinky.

Naw, they are actual ponies in the story...The basic premise originally was from the prequel "Where did Daddy Go?" where Dinky asked Derpy one night who her father is, and why he's not around. "Where is My Love?" answers that question in spades, and loads more. It kinda got a little addictive to me after I started reading it, and enjoyed the journey to ultimately who Dinky's biological father is, why he was absent for pretty much all of her life and others....I can't tell you everything obviously since that would be major spoilers, but if you look it up, it'll kinda give you a major spoiler there on the front page. As far as I'm aware, it's completed, so if you have the time look it up.

you can light my cave.

Nice little slice-of-life there, just Spike being a nice, thoughtful sort of dragon. The show writers can't seem to figure out what to do with him.
And doing volunteer work is a good plan. Been there, done that, still doing that.

I know, right? His characterization is so unstable in the show.

I can feel my heart melting already.

Great to hear! I hope you enjoy the ride.

Aww, Poor dinky, get well soon!

I'll allow it, just for best ponies being featured.

Derpy is your fave? I kinda assumed Trixie was.

Derps, Spike
I am Trixie. So by extension glimglam has a special place in my heart.

This looks as interessting as Spike x Octavia, not sure if I have read the story but I found it much more interessting and fitting than Spike X Rarity and while it looks better, it was even more fitting than Sweetiebelle X Spike to me.

I could tell about my reasons for not liking Spike x Rarity and I know there are people who agree with me and did that already, but that would only open an argument.
One thing I can say is, that a caring Octavia or someone like Derpy here (if she acts the way I think she does) could be a good choice for him as well.
I hope this is without Sparkler, I don't hate her but Dinky was always enough for me and no matter if this should be comic canon or not, I don't liked most of the Sparklers in different stories.

“But what if we hit traffic? Or what if there’s a wild flock of geese that block our path along the way? We have to plan for every variable!” Twilight, chest heaving, was running in circles in desperation.

I with Twi on this. Geese are jerks!

okay, let's see where this goes

Rarity glanced over the order. “Well, this a large order… Does she really need twenty-two floral print bandanas?”

I'm not going to ask questions but okay...

She’s the little gray one, right? With the blonde mane?”

Isn't Dinky pink?

So far love the story, can't wait for the feels moment.

No one can hate Spike now!!!!

Spike is just too awesome to hate sometimes.

This story was very well-written. I'm adding it to my tracking list.

Thank you very much for the feedback!

I have the feeling this is going to be a great and beautiful story here. One I can't let slip trough my radar. Looking forward for more chapters. :twilightsmile:

damn it i cant stop myslef from tearing up from what those kids must be going threw

Thanks for reading! I hope you like the direction this story takes.

i hope so to and your welcome im a sucker for anything dinky and derpy related

Well, this is an interesting change. I rarely if ever see Derpy and Dinky as sisters instead of mother and daughter. I like this approach!

Can't recall if I've seen Derpy and Dinky as sister and not Mother and Daughter. It's a welcome change though.

I wanted to try something a little different.

The ship name is DIKE! Let it become a thing!

I'm kind of curious, you've done a lot of Spike shipping, even some very obscure ones. Ever think of doing a SpitfirexSpike story?

Yes and no.

I wanted to before but a buddy of mine wrote one that was top notch and I didn't really wanna tread on that ground while he was writing his. But, he's become inactive recently, so I may write one if an idea ever hits me.

great now i need to go to the dentist to see if i have any cavities from this story

Yeah, I know what you mean by that. I was gonna write my own, had a name and a chapter layout. Just lost motivation for some reason. Might try writing it soon. Don't know. If you do end up writing it, I'd love to read it.

Same here! If you need any help writing yours, feel free to drop me a message.

Aaaaaaaand now I have diabetes.

Worth it

Edit: just realised SpiDer is a pretty dope ship name


just realised SpiDer is a pretty dope ship name

I love you for showing me that.

Yet another great chapter!! Never disappointed by your work and I can't wait to read more

Thanks man! There will be more to come.

I remember you telling me once that you admire how I updated my works with quality and consistency.

I haven't read this work yet, but I get the feeling that you've finally managed to do just that. Be proud of yourself for keeping up on it all!

That said, I could still probably match you if I wasn't A) working on the post-grad job search and B) starting work on my first novel. Also, it takes a lot to finally write something that's been on your "coming soon" page for two years. That's motivation. :derpytongue2:

Also, congrats on Winningverse dude being the only thing keeping you from #1 Featured! I came close to that once with Paging Doctor Sparkle, and I think that one Donutier story ended up beating it out.

But I also totally rekt Pen Stroke on the Featured List for like five hours that day, and so it was absolutely worth it.

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