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I am not a native English writer. I am from Czech Republic so I am writing mainly in Czech, but Iam doing my best to translate those stories into English. So be kind to me.


Several short stories about Luna and how she is fighting against nightmares in ponies dreams and sometimes even fulfilling the good ones.

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This is my first story written in English. My native language is Czech so it was a lot harder for me, but I tried my best.:twilightblush:

Did better than me:rainbowlaugh:

I like this chapter


I loved this, it made me cry happily.

Yes good
I'll be an editor if you want! Some ignorant people might not realize English isn't your first language. :derpytongue2:

I love the idea that Luna can 'see' dreams and grant wishes without leaving a trace, like in most fairy tales where the wish granted leaves like a feather or some pixie dust and all that jazz. Bravo, good sir!

greeted her Pinkie joyfully
Pinkie greeted her joyfully.
also, WUT?:rainbowhuh:

Just read both chapters, very good for English not being your native tongue. Just some tense and spelling problems and so forth, nothing overwhelming. FanficFanitic can point you in the right direction with few problems. Keep up the good work. Up vote and I will watch for more.

I love this sooo much! :raritywink:

omg! I want to see a pink moon! :heart:

This is a very interesting book! I especially like the ending of the second one. :pinkiehappy:

OK after reading your (Arosis) post on this being your first English fic, answered all the questions I had and obliterated any negative comments I was going to post. English is an extremely difficult language to understand. I will say with honesty that you need to improve on the mechanics of English (it is painfully obvious that this is not your first language) and that is the only "bad" comment I have (though I wouldn't call it bad, just an honest observation). :twilightsmile:

NOw the good stuff......this fic was sweet and cute (I think I spit-up some rainbows and butterflies). I love the whole Pinocchio concept to it, and I always love stories of Luna being a heroine. What a great twist on the Ditzy Doo/Dinky Doo backstory. :heart:

Keep up the good work and keep practicing the English....you will get it.... you're off to a good start here.:yay:


LETS KILL THE WANKER WHO DOWN VOTED THIS! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Again......another sweet story. Thanks Arosis. I noticed a bit of improvement in the English. Still You may think about getting an editor to fine tune the mechanics a bit. Still it didn't diminish the overall tone of the story :scootangel:

I will follow this as I am happy with the DAWWW! factor of these stories:pinkiehappy:


Thank you all for your comments. I know my English isn’t best, but practice makes perfect and it would be sad if my stories stayed only in our little country.
I do have quite a lot of them. :twilightblush:


OMG... this is so sad and beautiful!!!!!!



That is so sweet.

Also, I have an idea for the next part; it could be about when Rainbow Dash is older, and there are try outs for the WonderBolts, but the day before, when she is practicing, she breaks her wing and she will never be able to fly again. But then Luna comes along..............................

:fluttercry:: I actually started crying while reading this, thank you for writing such an amazing story

Máš ode mě lajka, chlapče :twilightsmile:

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Is this still an active story or have you dropped it or quit?

I'm doing a story like this, but it's a little different then this.

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