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I am not a native English writer. I am from Czech Republic so I am writing mainly in Czech, but Iam doing my best to translate those stories into English. So be kind to me.


Story about Applejack, Apple Bloom and their apple trees.

The illustrations were done by Mao Ookaneko.

This is a translation of my original story written in my native language, which is Czech. If you are interested in the original you can find it under this link.

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I'm not a native English speaking author and translating this was like a nightmare, but I tried my best and I hope it's not that bad. :twilightblush:

And I would be glad for anyone or anypony willing to do a little editing.

Well... on the translation side I can't see anything obvious, so it appears that those efforts are working. The funny thing is with large amounts of fanfiction I have read at times it is non-native English speakers that have a better grasp of English than many native speakers. With the story itself well you've got my attention with the artwork. I'll keep reading if you keep writing.

-Celesita's Paladin

Don't worry about it your doing good so far, I'm pretty interested where you take this

I liked the end because it was exciting. :ajsmug:

That was amazing love that pick

I hope there's more to this story. Just when it was getting good, it ended.

It’s dead isn’t it

Edit: the story I mean

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