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Big Daddies: The ultimate protector of the metal city of Rapture, guardians to the Little Sisters. For years they patrolled the underwater streets of the distopia, keeping their little ones safe. But with the fall of Rapture and the death of almost all of the Big Daddies, where does one go from there? To the land of Equestria, where peace and Harmony reign. Does this peaceful land need a silent protector? And can the Big Daddy find a place to call home?

A few quickies: Little Sister's word is law. The Big Daddy will also be a bit more like the Alphas, but that will be explained later. You might be a little lost if you haven't read the other stories, but only for a certain character.

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Tracking and reading :pinkiehappy:

"Armored Father"....OH GOD DAMNIT.

I just noticed something, it has eight eyes mean that this your ordinary Big Daddy and plus his action seem to be just like the ordinary Big Daddy

I thought he is going to be Subject Delta though but well you the one who wrote the story thus I wing it. Though I thought that Big Daddy will go insane if their Little Sister died (missing) and it can't be replaced. They often became crazy and suicidal. Unless this is subject Alpha though they still have some failure. From What I know, Subject Delta and Subject (Theta? can't remember) are the only successful Big Daddy whose can adopt. Still they required the original Little Sister.

Awesome to see the new story up! You're off to a great start with this one. So, judging by the beginning of the story, it seems we already have confirmation that this Big Daddy is our fifth hero. Interesting choice. I'm looking forward to seeing how you make this one work.

This is a curve ball. Then again, I've never played any Bio-Shock games, so I never would have Connected it no matter how many clues you gave.

No matter what, this shall be an interesting read.

4292931 Yeah, he got us with that one. When he mentioned that in the Hulk story I was so certain that it was Batman. Things about to get really bloody in Equestria.

Thiis has my yesses. I've actually never seen a good bioshock crossover. I hope this story turns out well!

Will we ever know what these mysterious mares have in store with the hero's of these stories:duck:

Whens next chapter!?!:twilightsmile:
I like this storie, alot.

Nice start, if a bit bloody. I can't wait to see how Mr. B and his new little sister get along. But if it is Dinky like the character icons indicate... There will be much cuteness.

This is going to be an interesting one.


Downvoted because there's a spelling error in the story description



It was noted that the silver mare had...tinkered with this ones mind, to what extent we have yet to see.

This will be quite the story, the speech impediments alone have their uses i think.

Nice. I bet bad things are afoot once he's in Ponyville. In fact, the pony he found, THAT will make them think he is a metal abomination.

Comment posted by jjking25 deleted Apr 26th, 2014

Can't wait for the next chapter and ponvilles reaction to the big daddy with appleboom (i thinks it's applebloom)

Yes, but he believes that she is his little sister. Just looks different.

I can already tell that this story is about the past and doesn't have to do with anything with the pedestals yet.

Ms. White summoned forth a heavily armed and heavily armored creature from another dimension specifically to perform acts of violence in order to protect the Elements. She knows he was physically and mentally altered for combat. In fact, she altered him even further, unlocking his plasmids. He even attacked her during their introduction.

Why the fuck is she surprised he killed those two bandits?

4294180 Not only that, but she said that she researched his memories in order to give him the ability to use plasmids. She should have seen at least a few violent memories, even if she only researched a little bit of his memories. :eeyup:


Ah, it's good to finally have on of your stories back on my bookmarks bar :pinkiesmile: I love the story, just wondering how the big daddy is going to distinguish between "splicer" pony and pony.

Much blood will be shed. Unless mr. b and his new little sister are left alone. And you don't get in his way. Cause they tend to be gentle giants when left alone.

I haven't played the first Bioshock yet, so I was going to pass over this for now. Then it hit me. The armored father. The Big Daddy.


Bioshock crossover!!! And it's a normal Big Daddy this time! You outdo yourself once again, Onomonopia!
Now I have a consistent story to look forward to.

I got around to thinking... When all the chosen are united at last, I wonder how they'll react to the Big Daddy (who is not even in a superhero continuum to begin with, which makes the meeting all the more interesting). I can already imagine Hulk and the Big Daddy getting irritated at each other.

A good start. I cannot wait for the next installment.

I think its gonna be Sweetie Belle.

4295153 My guess is Dinky, simply based on the character tags the author has provided.

Another Bioshock/Equestria crossover story that is going to be on hiatus soon and then cancelled.

So, this is how the Silver Mare thinks: 'Equestria is in danger from a powerful enemy, solve it by summoning a random human from a random reality.' What if the human she summoned needed life support and died minutes after arriving in Equestria?


I don't think it will go this route. This author has a good track record with finishing his other stories. So i beleive he will finish this one

"Daddies" is the plural of daddy. "Daddy's" is a contraction of "daddy is." The case is similar with "sisters" and "Alphas."

"To reign" is to rule with sovereignty or to be primarily controlled by a certain condition (when used figuratively). "To rein" is to direct, restrain, or control, almost always in a literal sense.

I'm telling you this because seeing grammar and spelling errors in a description is more likely to put me off from reading a fic than most anything else. I see it as a reflection of the material that it's describing, and I doubt I'm the only one who feels this way.

I'm probably going to end up reading it anyway if the comments are anything to go by, but I just thought that you should know.

Sorry bout that, the description was written back In '12. Haven't had it updated.

This is awesome! I really like Bioshock and the ideas for the Big Daddies and Song Bird. I do wish there were more. And a blessing from above appears when my favorite fimFiction author decides to make a story with the Rapture universe!
On a side note, I sure do hope the Little Sister turns out to be Dinky. Dinky just seems like a cute little sister kind of character, and It would be interesting to see how he defends the innocents who get bullied .

:rainbowlaugh: Can't wait until the next one!

This is the story that will make my day for the next couple weeks.

Dinky had a giant cyborg, giant cyborg, giant cyborg.
It followed her to school one day, which was against the rules.... Yeah, I predict much chaos soon. But I hope the CMC never teased Dinky, I can't see them being mean like DT & SS

Oh dang.:rainbowderp: this will end in blood, (preferably Diamond blood) I just know it.

Someponys going to bully her and get ripped apart! Cant wait!:pinkiehappy:

Love it! Keep up the good work. He is a pretty interesting character.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Bubbles,"

Yay, she called him MR. Bubbles! :yay:

I think Ditzy Doo is gonna play the part of a protective mother when she sees B with Dinky. Can't blame her. Huge freakin' monster with a drill hanging around a kid doesn't give the best of vibes... Unless you've played Bioshock. :duck:

:rainbowhuh: Didn't Mr. B just eviscerate two ponies? I would've thought that the blood would've accumulated and encrusted on his drill. Surely that's something that Dinky would've noticed in broad daylight.

I was actually hoping that the Big Daddy was a Bouncer. Then I read the description. Oh well.

My favorite story i have read in a while,P.s I hope diamond tiara is gonna die you know just my personal opinion... (KILL HER)

Oh boy, things are about to get freaky.

The funny thing is that I'm picturing her eventually riding on Mr.Bubbles shoulders and that mental image just makes me smile.

4300514 they didn't say anything about cyborgs in the school :pinkiecrazy:

Oh Little Dinky, how are you so cute?

4301086 But Alphas only have one 'eye' and Rosies have three...or do I have that backwards?
Regardless, only Bouncers have eight-ported helmets.

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