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Backstreet's Back... Alright!


When Spike and Starlight get invited to a couple's night out with their friends, they agree just for the sake of doing something with their weekend. But they would never get caught up in the hype of romance like their friends have, though. They're way too cool for that, right?


A collaboration with Curify!

Art by Figgot

Chapters (1)
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Sorry if this question is strange, but I’ve always been curious about it; what is Spike’s age here? He is a child in the show, but is this fic taking place in the future? Do you have a different head cannon for Spike and the Mane 6 or...?

It's in the future.

Here's the long and short of it. Just judging by the timeframe and everything in the show, he has to be like, 14-16 there. So if this takes place a few years later, then that puts him at 18-20. That's why I got a coverart where he looks a bit older.

If you want a more in-depth analysis of why I come that conclusion about him, you can check this blog. It has all the details, evidence and so on I use for my headcanon.

Okay, so he’s not a minor anymore (btw I read through your blog, and it makes complete sense!) I’ve just always wondered about SpikeXMane6 fics before. Thanks.

No problem! Thanks for asking.

If there is anything that this piece of storytelling has taught me...it would be this...

Roll the CLIP!!!

Sweet story though, Keep up the good work my good man :pinkiehappy:

Ya dang right We got to that scene and had it one way, then I brought that clip in and I was like "I have to do a callback here." It happened.

I typically hate romance but I liked this a lot. Good work!

I appreciate you taking a chance on reading something out of your style. If I may ask, real quick, was there any particular thing that set it apart to where you liked it? I only ask because I'm always interested in hearing things that I can learn and take from my stories to apply to future ones.

the video is no working

Thanks for letting me know. I put a link that goes to the clip i'm referring to :twilightsmile:

They are falling in love because of the mutual love of being annoyed by love.

Spike, still locking his gaze in front of him reached a claw out and after a brief moment of hesitation, he felt Starlight’s hoof grip onto it.

I’m trying to imaging this being all sweet and stuff, but how the hell am I supposed to imgine her gripping something with her hoof when hooves don’t have anything to grip with? It’s like if you tried to pick something up without moving you’re fingers from a straight and stiff position, it just doesn’t work.

What matter of sorcery is this!? A Sparilight (SpikeXStarlight) fic that I actually like?

Well played, good sir.

“But if we get lost and attacked by a gaggle of hobos, I’m using you as a shield. Deal?”

I see they went to the Blueblood School of Courting
That was a cute story. Well done

It's an awesome idea, though one thing that bothered me was I didn't know how big Spike was, was he a bit bigger? Also, you just skipped over the fact that Spike had/has a crush on Rarity like it just didn't matter. Seeing that would've been an awesome conflict as well. Also, isn't Fleur already in a cannon relationship with Fancy Pants? Pairing her with Twilight seems kind of, i don't know, counter productive

I said Fluer and Twilight. I was asking about why Spike's crush on Rarity wasn't addressed. Also, we never know if spike is a little taller, or if he's a big as he's always been in the show. And, to me, it doesn't make any sense for Fluer to be with Twilight, as she doesn't like any of the quote un-quote, high and mighty canterlot elite. It just doesn't seem to be in line with her character at all. But, then again, I'm one of those guys who likes to over think things, so, a lot of what I say is biased.

This was a nice and adorable fic to read since there's not a lot of pairing on these two, great job both of you

*is exciting to see a StarSpike fic*

Simply put, it was good. The dialogue and your writing style were funny, endearing, and made the characters sound like real people with a history. Your first few scenes with Spike and Starlight got me invested in both characters, so when they get into more romantic stuff later in the story I'm already into a possible relationship (you did a good job building their relationship before any romantic stuff happens). You also left a lot to the imagination (Like how Spike and Starlight agree to "experiment" toward the end). Leaving me to imagine how they slept and what these "experiments" are felt much more powerful than if you showed these things. Also, the story felt like a genuine "first experience" between two awkward people who are friends, which is always cute and relatable, since most of us were like that at one point.

Hope that helps :twilightsmile:

Wonder why this has dislikes? I've always felt there should be a rule mandating people to write a comment when they like or dislike a fic. So if someone likes or dislikes a fic they HAVE to explain why.


That was very cute. But why does Fleur speak Swahili and how the hell did Celestia cheap out and send them to such a dump?

Fleur speaks Swahili because the French thing some writers do was just a bit overdone.

Celestia cheaped out probably because she had a lot on her plate and just booked a room at the nearest place she could think of.

I appreciate your explanation, sir. It took me a couple years to get right, but sometime around last year I finally was able to click on how to build a romance scene, be it a long or short story. Like, I have another fic on here where Spike and Derpy are a thing, but it took 50k words for them to become that thing because of building their lives and such.

As far as dislikes, Spike romance isn't for everyone and I've learned to accept that over the years.

I still believe comments should be required. It can only help, since all writers would get a ton more feedback, positive and negative.

This is cute little story.

I knew the second I saw this story that I'd probably love it, and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. I had a perpetual smile on my face from Fleur's introduction all the way to the very end, and I'm not sure if it was because I just kept laughing or because my insides were all warm and fuzzy.


But...Fleur's NAME is French...

A nice story about two friends become a couple. Good job!:moustache:

P.S. Love the cover art!:pinkiehappy:

Bro, I swear you keep writing these good ass fics imma have to force all the recognition and respect you deserve onto you😤😤😤

And then they bang?

This was such a cute little read. The we’re not really a couple thing as they did more and more couple things just made it even cuter. :heart: And the Seinfeld reference. :twistnerd:

What a delightfully sweet story. :twilightsmile: So sweet that I can probably go for another decade without buying any candy from a store. :pinkiehappy:

I get that you needed a hole in the wall hotel / motel for the setup of the picture. But I just couldn't suspend my belief.

Loved everything up to that.

“But,” Spike began. “There was a reservation. It was supposed to hold the room for us.”

“Look here,” she said, “I know what a reservation is.”

“I don’t think you do,” Spike said, raising a claw. “Because if you did, I’d have a two-bed waiting for me.”

Ha! I hope they got the insurance, because Spike is gonna beat the hell out of that room! (nice to see someone else watches Seinfeld for once)

This was cute as hell. I loved it! Great job, guys!

Don't think I didn't catch the Seinfeld reference. Actually, this entire story felt like it might fit in a really excellent romantic sitcom.
It was absolutely adorable and your version of Spike and Starlight are utterly incredible. I really buy their relationship and could see it grow like this and I am an unrepentant Sparity shipper.

Great work as always Famous.

Thanks a lot, man!

Don't get me wrong, I love Sparity as much as the next Sparity fan, I just don't write it a whole lot because there are so many other great authors on this site who do it more frequently and who do it more justice than I could. That's why I focus my efforts on finding ways to make more obscure pairings work. Give people something they don't see all the time, you know?

Thanks for reading, man.

great story! Loved reading it and you did a great job with making the chatting feel natural.

daww they gettin shipped but they dont wanna see it.
also nice to see a Fluer that aint french

That was a nice adorable little fic. Quite enjoyable.

I've always been told that dialogue was my strong suit, so I play to my strengths.

Yeah, Curify and I wanted to shake things up.

Thanks, man! I'm glad you read it!

Spike, still locking his gaze in front of him reached a claw out and after a brief moment of hesitation, he felt Starlight’s hoof lock onto it.

Woah woah woah there buddy, that's way too LEWD. Why isn't this story tagged M?

Cute little story. I really enjoyed the awkward yet affectionate interaction between Spike and Starlight. Well done dude! :moustache:

Not gonna lie, I envy spike pretty hard right now.

Love this ship!
Great work again, Famous.

Some minor notes/questions:
Rarity dancing with Thunderlane - Agree fully. Rarity seemed totally into him when he caught her after the hot air balloon broke. Thanks a lot, Lightning Dust.
and a few feet away was Twilight dancing with her date, Fleur de Lis - Um, isn't Fleur married to Fancy Pants?
Feel free not to change the ships, though. :D

And possibly get la—”
What was she going to say?

which instead of waking up her up just caused her to wrap both front hooves around his claw.
I'd fix it! :D

Loved the story! SO cute!

That was really cute and enjoyable story. :moustache::heart:

Psst... psst LAID. Snickers

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