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"You gotta make a plan, gotta do what's right. You can't run around in circles if you wanna build a life. I don't wanna make a plan for a day far away. While I'm young and able all I wanna do is..."


Cloudchaser is in a bad relationship. Her coltfriend loves her, there's no doubt, but she just doesn't feel that same spark she used to. Every date feels like a chore, every kiss a punishment.

However, after some bad advice from her sister, she thinks she's found a solution to her problem in the form of a particular dragon.

Of course, their actions have consequences.

A collaboration between myself and CategoricalGrant.

Cover Art: Probablydnon

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Alex_ #2 · Aug 11th, 2017 · · 7 ·

I liked this story. Although, I think it would be improved if Cloudchaser had vanilla-scented anal glands.

Still, good job, Famous!


Oh boy.


This story was actually very good. I think your style meshed very well with Grant's, and your influence on Cloudchaser's characterization shined through in a fantastic way, adding some great humor. I especially loved her last line!

Good job, guys!

Spike, the ladies' man

I'm not sure what I expected. That ended about the worst way it possibly could, and I found it funnier than perhaps I should have. :rainbowlaugh:

:twilightsheepish: Equestria breaks the sound barrier !
:moustache: Can you get punted twice?
:twilightsheepish: have you seen Spike?
:pinkiehappy: Right between Canterlot Castles Spires!
:trollestia: Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:facehoof: Should of had him fixed when he was a dog
:duck: Oh I'll fix him alright!

9/10 -Needs more Flitter.

Story Approver

It was pretty good for what it's worth, though I wish you expanded upon the ending more. :twilightsmile:

Also, you're not doing any justice for Spike. :unsuresweetie:

It's so good but makes me wish there was more; definitely a story there that can be extended beyond a one-shot. As is, though, really good! I talked to you at length about why I like this kind of ending, though, where the main characters are, well, kind of awful.

An amazing story to come back to after a short period away. Great work as always ^^

Thanks for reading, man! Anything, in particular, you liked or disliked?

I felt like it was too short, other than that it was pretty good. The idea was similar to another story with Spike and Dash sneaking out in the middle of night to see each other.

It crossed my mind that you might've written that but I wasn't sure. But yeah, that's it. :rainbowlaugh:

Triple-knotted Warrior?

Wonder if he can get Cloudchaser AND Flitter?

The idea of Spike saying "Nah, fam" is unreasonably amusing to me.


I'm here, baby:twilightsmile:

So good! but I got one question tho!

I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave

Isn't that a reference to the song "Bedrock" by Young Money?

but anyway, always droppin good stuff man

Great story, though it did feel a bit rushed at the end there.

I have to ask though. What is the deal with SpikexCloadchaser as a pairing? I have nothing against it obvious. And have enjoyed the stories that feature them. I'm just curious as to why it seems to be a fairly popular couple considering Cloudchaser is largely a background character in the show?

...i give it a meh. That abrupt cut off ending just killed it for me. I expected some type of fallout, but I suppose this isn't that type of story. I guess I just mislead myself because now that I think about the story in its proper frame instead of the one I wanted for it, the ending fits. Maybe it was too short, maybe that's why the ending feels abrupt?

Eh, it's the kind of ending we wanted, but I knew it'd be a bit "meh" to people. Like, in the frantic pace of the story, it matches to have an ending that falls off an edge like that. Thanks for reading, my friend!

It wasn't bad, just a fucking tease. I so wanted more

That was wrong and hot. But so fun to read! Great job!:moustache:

And let this be a lesson to all, if a female is going to cheat, then it was planned in advance. Guys, don't be so quick to hurt the other guy if you find out. Chances are, he didn't know at the time, didn't care enough after, and just couldn't say no because the girl is BAD and makes him feel SO good! GUY CODE!:moustache::eeyup:

P.S. That was really crazy, so don't do a sequel because morals will get a the way, or possibly a whirlwind of crazy, sexy shenanigans with all involved. I mean we see what can happen here?! The question is, should we let it?! Later!:trollestia:

Cloudchaser let out a gasp and pouted. “S-So, are you saying we can’t see each other anymore? Ever?”

“Yes, Cloudchaser, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“Wow! Spike, that was even better than last night!” Cloudchaser planted a small kiss on Spike’s cheek before snuggling into his warmth.


8359574 Having been in a situation similar to this, there's no guy code. And yes, it was planned which means leave her especially if she's "bored" and needs that new feeling. People like Cloudchaser are people you should never hold onto. Get rid of them and run!

Yeah, I hear you. Been there myself, in Spike's place, but I found out after the night, when he came over. First thing he did was aim a punch at my face.:facehoof:

My guy code remark was more about after they had been found out. But your right. Let the other guy go before you sleep around or when she just doesn't feel the love and/or fire anymore. But really, this story was made to be silly, so I'm not trying to think to seriously about it.:pinkiehappy:

And it says something about Thunderlane that whatever his reaction was at the time was completely overshadowed by Rarity's.

Sunk money... Cloudchaser should have dropped Thunderlane LONG ago rather than keeping him around as a safe option.

At least it is all out in the open now, and they can both see if their relationship can weather their shattered reputations or not. (Spike and Cloudchaser).

Needs a sequel actually.

This was good, sire. Congrats to both of you.

I'm a big Cloudchaser fan, so this was an absolutely hilarious read. :rainbowlaugh: I loved both her character and Flitter's through the whole thing.

Flitter nominated for best sister, 10/10.

Nice story.

it was great up till all of them showing up at canterlot. absolutely loved the sibling interaction. it was just light speed once rarity showed up and went to ehhhhhhhhhhh.

but man.

weak willed spike making bad decisions with a hot mare? i'm always down.

oh god, this should be AU.

This needs a sequel, an epilog, SOMETHING

How can something be so wrong and yet so fun to read?

Awesome story but any chance of a sequel or second chapter? I really want to read what would happen next.

Does anyone know of any other fics like this? I would love to read them.

I would recommend Rarity Gets Jealous by categoricalgrant. I also wrote a similar thing called Adrenaline Spike.

8360978 Thanks. Edit: damn it. I thought it sounded familiar. I already read Gets Jealous.

Sounds like fun. Good story too

“Spike! Why do you spell so much like sweat and... shame?”

shouldnt that be smell?

And this was sooo good.

“Garbage water!” Cloudchaser cried out. “You know that gooey, beige liquid that you find at the bottom of trash bins? That’s what it is. The refuse of waste. The cold, nasty fries at the bottom of your food bag. It’s terrible. I had to get away for a bit. I needed somepony else to fill that stale, deep hole in my life! And Spike, you filled that hole!”

Haven't I heard this before?

It's based off a game informer review from way back in the day. Like early 2000s.

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