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Spike has always had a bit of a confidence issue when it comes to being in the spotlight. However, that soon changes when a pony who practically lives on the big stage hears him play the piano.

Special thanks to Jack of a Few Trades and Quillamore for helping me organize my ideas and turn them into something legible.

Editing/Prereading by Kestrel

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10/10 tastes better than the FamousLastWords brand goochadilla.~ IGN

6662995 Don't you dare bring your cancer on this sacred ground, young'n!

I think Jack probably did more of the work than I did for this story.

6663132 Which is why his name is mentioned first. :raritywink: You all helped a bunch, though.

Very nice story! I love how the conflict of Equestria Games was integrated into the plot!

6663175 Thanks, man. I appreciate it!

Nice. A few of the sentences could be reworded to add a bit more color to the story, but that might just be my personal preference. The last scene had a great drive to it. Nice little bite overall. Keep it up!

6663182 Thanks a lot, my friend. I appreciate the feedback.

Amazing! ^-^ Upvote+Fave

6663217 Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback.

6663222 You're welcome. ^^ You deserve it, that was a great story.

Great story, man. You darn bandwagoner, you.

This was wonderful. A kind of Spike/Rara fic I can really enjoy.

Great story, brother!

That was really wonderful! It's nice to see a fic that is truly about the magic of friendship. I enjoyed this very much.

6663490 Thanks a lot, man! I really appreciate it.

Why is there wax everywhere?!

6663632 Because I put the pussy on the chainwax! #swag

6663633 but do you have the snips for my nail.

6663644 Oh, cool. Can I borrow it for a week?

That story was good, The characters were wonderful and I loved it! :moustache:

6663940 Thanks man! I'm glad you read it and enjoyed it.

6664023 Thanks, bae. You know what I like. :raritywink:

Good story, broski/

Very nice. /)

A shipping is born: SpiRara.

Well, that was a nice little tale. I always prefer the longer ones, but these are nice every once in a while.

Ra Ra ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah ro-mah-mah
Gaga oh-la-la!
Want your bad romance

...is it bad this is what I think about your story instead of something deep and meaningful?

Yes for Spike competence and proper characterisation.:rainbowkiss:

I liked this a lot -- you got both their personalities dead-on. You also noticed that Spike actually makes friends easily and has a wide circle of acquaintances, which some writers don't notice about him.

Another quality work with solid characterization. There were a few descriptive hiccups here and there, but all in all an enjoyable piece. Grats on the feature, bud.

That was lovely :twilightsmile:

Ra Ra Rasputin

So, I liked the story. Really, I did, it was a cute little read. I just feel that when the two start talking, you could have included a bit more description. As it is it's just line after line of dialogue in some parts, and nothing else. As far as I know they're just standing perfectly still and staring into space while they talk. Just try to break up the dialogue from time to time with a gesture from one of the characters, or maybe describe their tone of voice. No one stands perfectly still when they talk, and even if they did you could describe that to show just how odd that character may be. It's all about making sure that all three parts of communication are included: the words, the voice, and the body all play their own part in conveying a message. You just have to make sure you're showing what they're doing.

I'll stop here before I repeat myself too much more. As I said, I liked the story, I'll give it a thumbs up and all. I just feel it could use some work.
EDIT: reread it, the problem isn't as bad as I first thought. Still there though, so my points still kinda stand. My fault for not taking a second look before posting criticism. Sorry :twilightblush:

this is awesome

6662642 Beautiful story. Spike gets way too few screen time.

“That was… I can’t describe it. It was like, magical. I was one with the music. I lost myself playing with you! That was amazing.”
“Whoa, slow down there. We’ve only just met.”

We must ship this at once! :trollestia:

...I kinda missed the concert...

Amy did say he was working the lights and sound, but unfortunately she was just being sarcastic.

...you’re the first pony, er, dragon...

Every time a Spike writer does this, a puppy dies.

6665641 I've killed so many puppies...

Daweee. This was so cute! I love simple sol's like this, and yours was done so well.

Ah, piano. I used to play a lot as a little girl. I could really relate to Spike's frustrations. It's so hard to keep going when you slip up on the notes. The way I overcame it was by playing my favorite hymns. I could lose myself in the music and forget about messing up. It's awesome to see Spike that way.

Writing-wise it was really well done for the most part. I agree that there was a lot of dialogue and not so much description I'd recommend adding thoughts, descriptions, or narrations in, but not too many as you've already got a good pacing. Adding too much will muddle it.

The main issue was that the dialogue was awkward. Waaaaay too formal for Spike, and Rara's didn't fit how she talked in the show. Unless Spike's trying to sound old, you should probably go more informal with his and less "slangy" with Rara's.

Your characterization was lovely, particularly for Spike. I love to see authors giving his character some more deph and really exploring him.

A wonderful short story!

6665490 nope nope nope!
for Celestia's sake people! he is just a kid!
What is it with this fandom and trying to promote pedophilia?!

6666035 In my headcanon, Spike is an upper teen. But you can roll whatever joint gets you high, man. Thanks for stopping by, nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

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