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This story is a sequel to When Can We Do This Again?

Spike and Sweetie Belle go on their first date together. It's filled with all the cute, awkward moments you could hope for. However, when some inner feelings are brought to light, things could take a turn for the worse.

Sequel to When Can We Do This Again? It's not required reading however.

Cover image by IceboxFroggie

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Comments ( 79 )

Great story. I burst out laughing when Trixie said "Make me want you" and "Start with the eyes, end in the bed" I also enjoyed the emotional moments near the end, namely what Spike said to the two stallions. Overall this was a really good story, and the perfect example of a great SpikeBelle ship.

it seems there's always some douche who dislikes my story as soon as Its posted, without eeven reading it :fluttercry:

You can run and hide, but I will hunt you down, I will find you, and I will kill you!


That aside, I found this quite nice. I noticed a few mistakes every now and then, but it was very cute and it serves its purpose well.
Also, Trixie. I don't think I can ever get sick of how you write her. :trixieshiftright::twilightblush:

There are far too little Spikebelle stories on this site
So obviously I was so happy when I found this
Great job :pinkiehappy:

A bit clunky at times. Spike and Sweetie sometimes sounded much older than they apparently are, as she still doesn't have a cutie mark. Had a few issues with telling:

“Yea, it’s disgusting…” He slowly unclenched his fist. His draconic instinct to protect and defend was threatening to take over. “Let’s just go.”

That was a bit blatant. The clenching fist was enough. For more effect, you could have had them talk about how he is a dragon, but doesn't hoard jewels or anything, and Spike could say something about how he cares more for his friends and the town. Sorry, I'm a huge fan of "Spike's Hoard is Ponyville." :twilightsheepish:

Other than that, I didn't notice any huge derps or mistakes. Nicely done. :ajsmug:

My first reaction...
"ah... a sweat story about Spike and Sweetie Belle:pinkiehappy: ah, Cute! they are going on a date!:rainbowkiss:

:pinkiegasp: Those jerks! :flutterrage: Go beat them up!!!!!

:pinkiesad2: you are a better dragan than I spike :fluttercry:

Loved the story, thanks Bloody, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I really liked it, there are not that many SpikeBelle stories. so thank you for writing it.

sweet and deep. well done

3751570 thank you! I need ways to improve

Neeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaattttt........ :duck:

Welp, you made the popular box again, buddy.
:twilightsmile: It's nice to have a fellow LPT writer in there with me.

3751922 dude, you're so talented. I aappreciate your appraisal a lot :twilightsmile:

Aww that's a cute story. :twilightsmile:

Great story. When I read the part about twilight and trixie getting married, i was like wow! Didnt see that coming! But i loved it though!

Wow, I was never really into the whole Spike X Sweetie ship, but after reading this fic I have come to appreciate it a whole lot! Thanks :raritywink:
But there was a few grammar/spelling issues I noticed... To fix this, maybe have somepony else read the piece. It works well for me; sometimes I don't notice my own mistakes! And also, in some parts of this story, it moved at a faster pace than its starting speed. (For example, when Spike went to deal with the two "jerks" at the restaurant. Maybe use a bit more detail and description during that bit. Just slow down the 'pace', I found it going the most rapid at that exact part.)
But like I said, I really enjoyed it overall, it just needs a tad bit of editing.
Happy Writing!
-Feather Pop :trollestia:

Ah great, now what am I gonna do with all these feels?

Don't let unkind critics get you down. This was a truly sweet and heartwarming story.

3752547 thanks. This is by far my least popular story though:raritycry:. I appreciate your kindness though:pinkiesmile:

Another swell story, just as good as the first one. Tell me, are these like most "romantic comedies"? If so, I'm going to need to get some recommendations.
Give them to me, multiple field feel tests have proven I'm very resistant, almost immune.

3752843 they re romantic comedies, true, but I put an original twist on al my stories. Here's an amazing story though. You'll love it

Such a sweet story.
It's only a matter of time before Sweetie Belle would have to introduce Spike to her parents and vise versa.

Keep up the great work. is there going to be another part?

I like the story, a lot actually, but it seemed a little forced when he revealed the truth around his parents, maybe he should have told her as their relationships bond and trust grew

3753424 probably. I'm thinking of turning this into a series of sorts, where I post random fun sTories about them with a basic theme to each story. There's a vast shortage of SpikeBelle on this site, so I love contributing to it. :twilightsmile:

3753437 yea, when I envisioned that scene in my head, it came out different than when I put it on paper. I suppose pacing is a big area for me to work on.

Thanks for the feedback!

3753452 I noticed. I've been working on mine, and I have to redo some of them. I'll have to make some changes to them. the only one that seems to do any good is the second one I wrote.

I really liked this story.

I don't usually like spike at all, nor any of the spike stories, but this.... this was wonderful, keep up the good work amigo :yay:

Spike’s stomach suddenly seemed to amass a heard of butterflies. True love doesn’t form overnight, but this was definitely the right path to get there.

A group of butterflies is called either a flight, a kaleidoscope, a rabble or a swarm (source).

Other than this and a few minor grammar problems (which I've really got no right to complain about, since my earlier stories are full of such errors), I found this story to be most enjoyable. Many feels were had, and Kudos to Spike for standing up to those arrogant sods! :moustache:


Pretty nice story! That shipping is actually kinda cute. I mean, they're both young, they would make cute couple!

Or what if she found someone more attractive than me?!”

"Cough" BUTTON MASH "Cough"

‘start with the eyes, end in the bed.’”

THANK YOU TRIXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Hey, girl, lookin’ good! You ready to hop on Spike’s love-boat and have a good time?”

GODDAMMIT!!!!!! :facehoof:


I love it! Simply one of the best SpikeBelle fanfics ever! I'm writing a song for these two, or at least working on one for a while. This really got me some inspiration flowing. Thank you so much!!
/) Brohoof

3759773 Really?! thanks .so much! it means a lot to get praise from readers :twilightsmile:

Same thing happened to me! -_-

Well done sir.

The pacing was good, and while the two jerk stallions seem to appear out of nowhere, it does make for a bit of Spike the Knight.

Sweetie and Spike, adorably adorkable? Love it.

Scootaloo threatening full on death, not just bodily harm? :rainbowderp: Erm. Perhaps a little above the kid's paygrade.

Background Twixie? Well, who doesn't like a little Twixie. :trixieshiftright:

Looking forward to the further adorableness.

When the other Crusaders showed up ah was kinda hopin' fer a Spikebelle/Scootabloom double-date. :ajsleepy: Oh well, maybe next time.

You can run and hide, but I will hunt you down, I will find you, and I will kill you!

Anyone else think of Taken

3851707 that's where I got th. line from :raritywink:

I loved this story! :pinkiehappy: As awesome and cute as the first story :twilightsheepish: When Can We do this again?:twilightblush:

3856644 Why thank you! I had a lot of fun writing these stories. There aren't very many SpikeBelle fics out there, so I wanted to contribute some stories to the ship :twilightsmile:

3797496 Twixie? Sounds like trixie said with a lisp, or twinkie from hostess..... :trixieshiftright: :twilightblush:

Before even reading this, the first thing that comes to mind from the description is that song "First Date" by Blink-182. Heading in to read now. :moustache:

3887986 thats the song its based off :twilightsmile:

Yes there is... it`s a disappointment like no others. Except for the massive shortage of non-hiatus Kingdom Hearts crossovers.

“Of course! As the Great and Powerful Trixie always says, ‘start with the eyes, end in the bed.’”

Really, Trixie?:facehoof:...:rainbowlaugh:

3935216 I agree, there are barely any KH crossovers. I really want to see a Final Fantasy 10 crossover

Two things.
1. I am writing a KH crossover, & will be uploading it today.
2. I had an idea for an FFX crossover a while back, but I`m going to wait until I finish the game to write it.
:pinkiegasp:Seems like we think alike.

3935252 oh god, that was the only game to make me cry at the end. :fluttercry:

I`m not sure if this is true, but didn`t Tidus become Sin at the end of FFX?

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