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Cutie Mark Crusaders Forever!!!


I don't like doing this, but the truth is that I'm living off a tight little pension because I haven't gotten back into school despite trying for several years, so my savings are pretty much nil. If you feel some extra change in you wallet... bank account... whatever, then every bit my way really helps.

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UPDATES 21.3.2016

Dominant Ideal - The Sequel
Story is now complete at just over 20k words. I think it makes a nice ending for the strange events Sweetie and Scoots had to face. Go check it out and tell me what you think!

Snowflake's Chance In Hell
Chapter 2/x
Probably the next fic I'm going to start/return working on.

Or it might be

Something completely new
You never know, you know?

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Hey! You! You're above average! · 11:25pm Oct 5th, 2022

Yes, I mean it.

For example, the average number of hands a person has is less than two. You probably have at least two hands, so you're above the curve. If you have less than two arms, I'm sorry, but also thanks for making the statistics nicer for the rest of us.

In other statistics
- 5/6 players admit to winning in Russian roulette, making it one of the safest bets!
- 9/10 people enjoy gang rape

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The boring stuff


(Let's make this as painfully awkward as possible. Remember to add loads of lists and flamebait. Who am I kidding, nobody reads this stuff. They just come here for the clop.)

I'm Isseus. Some people call me Hasmadad, but that's just when I'm gaming. I'm 31, Finnish, and on living on a disability pension because the Finnish social system is so awesome. I write, game, play RPG's, sleep, eat, and sometimes do martial arts. I also collect weapons (swords and stuff, not guns). Oh and there's this thing about ponies I'm sort of interested in.

I have a vision disability. I never wanted it to become a big part of my writing, but after Flight to the Finish, I kinda sorta made it into one. I don't proselytize about it, don't worry. I write because I want to share my thoughts, ideas, and life experience with people. Or just to get people to smile. Or cringe. Both are okay.

I've been in some pretty dark places the last few years of my life after I got kicked out from work. Depression and other psychoses got the best of me. Now I'm doing better, thanks to medicine and science. Ironic that I used to work in a pharmacy for 10 years.

According to Jung's 16 personalities I ended up as ENTP, "The Debater". I couldn't agree more. (There's a joke in there somewhere, I'm sure.)

Here are some words I live by:
"You can be crazy, as long as you aren't stupid."
"Per aspera ad astra."
"You can't help others if you don't take care of yourself."
"If you don't have fun in life, you're doing it wrong."
"There is no greater evil than the indifference of good men."
"You can't change a person's opinion. You can only tell them your own."
"Everyone is equal. Even the people who think they aren't, whether they think too much or too little of themselves."
"The difference between erotica and porn is the difference of using a feather and using the whole Scootaloo."
"If you go eye for an eye, the world will end up blind."

Best ponies: Twily, Scoots, RD, AJ, AB, Sugar Twist, Iron Sight, Luna, Cady, Shiny.
Worst ponies: Pinkie, Rarity, Flufflepuff, Milkmare, Twist.
Meh ponies: The rest

People I like on this site: ChuckFinley, KrishnaKarnak, CarcinoGeneticist, InsertAuthorHere, YourAntagonist (The Earl), the people I use as slave labour for editing and pre-reading, and everyone else who's been nice to me.
People I don't like on this site: superfun (greedy abusing git asking for free commissions over and over), Aegis Shield (twat), The Apex Predator (Twat), Dancewithknives (Can't even remember anymore, probably twat), everyone else on my blocklist.

Fav Movies: Boondock Saints, The Matrix, Snatch
Fav anime: Juuni Kokuki, Dennou Coil, Detroit Metal City

I also like chatting with people and usually don't turn down anyone's opinion if they respect mine in turn. I love to debate and be the Devil's advocate too. I can distinguish between an argument about things with an argument with a person. I like the former.

Top Favourites: The text bit

The person who decided it was a good idea to make that box center aligned with no formatting tags should be shot. With love of course. That's why I added them to my bio.

Well Kwakerjack´s WSC was the fic that originally brought me to FIMFiction so he deserves the first spot, now and forever. Loved it, it was fun, interresting and educational, all at the same time.

InsertAuthorHere is probably the most creative and amusing writer at FIMFic. At least out of the ones I´ve had the chance to read. MLA took me by storm and I had to read it in one go, wasting a beautiful Saturday inside. Gave my neck a cramp too. (You´re forgiven). MLA and it´s continuation BUB both play with one of everyone´s fantasies: How would it feel to be a child again with all the knowledge you´d accrued since? Would you act differently? How would you handle your emotions and responsibilities. Doing it in a heartfelt and touching way, while not being too serious was a big plus. Thanks! InsertAuthorHere!

Pipsqueak's Day Off has made me actually fall in love with our cunning chap from Trottingham, expanding my headcanon with loads of illicit substances and storytelling worthy of a Guy Ritchie movie.

Ice Cube and foals? Go read.

And last but definitely not the least is Shades Of Grey, which I found out about thanks to IAH's blog entry. This guy seriously deserves more reads. The story is slow as a glacier, but that makes it all the better to enjoy leisurely, just like I prefer to enjoy my Rarity-fiction.

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