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Nights before Christmas · 9:46pm Dec 22nd, 2018

Remember this amazing album from a few years back? Hope it'll give everyone a little bit of holiday spirit. :)


Whoops I did it again! · 6:51am Nov 15th, 2018

If you want to see more art based on No Good Deed, check out 1882711 on derpi. (It's against the rules to directly link, but giving the pic ID is okay.) Thanks to ani for his fine work once again!

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Getting back on my hooves · 6:28pm Nov 11th, 2018

Hey all. Been a busy, well, Autumn basically. Just managed to squirt out a chapter for Scoopful of Dream. If you're into fuzzy and harmless feel-good stories, go check it out. If you're more into NSFW stuff, I'm working on a disgustingly silly clopstory about a pony standing in the stocks wearing socks eating c... Anyways. I'm trying to write more even though I'm not doing the napowrimo challenge as such. Hope you enjoy the

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Discord Day 2018 · 11:52am Nov 10th, 2018

Hey all!

On this most auspicious day has EGD declared Discord Day. In celebration, I'm going to offer my fic Tough Little Pony for your reading pleasure. What are your favourite Discord fanfics? Post them in the comments!

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Some art for No Good Deed · 8:02pm Oct 15th, 2018

Hey all! This goes to all the folks who read my story No Good Deed. There's some art to go with it at Derpibooru. As a surprise to nobody, it's NSFW, so I'm only allowed to give you the image ID: 1857396

If people like it, there might be more to come! I'm also working on something fun for Dominant Ideal, but that'll be later

If you're NOT interested in NSFW content, then have a cute duckling pic instead.


Scootaloo's Theme Song · 3:24pm Aug 10th, 2018

Hey all!

My life's been shit for the last two years. I've finally gotten a new start in my life and getting up again, but this song, it hit me so hard that I wanted to share it.

I found it while watching anime, and thought: "Hey, this is pretty good." Then I read the lyrics and totally teared up. And finally... I found out that the girls from K-ON had performed an amazing pop/rock cover of it. It fits my fav character, Scootaloo, so well!

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Been a while · 5:00am Apr 28th, 2018

Hey all. I know it's been ages since I last posted anything, but I'm still around and kicking! I had a lot of bad (I mean really bad) stuff happen last year and I've been out of sorts ever since. Thanks to a lot of my friends, several of whom I've met through this site, I've gotten a little bit better since. Friends are good to have, mm'kay. I've been working on a few fics lately and this is one of the cutest I've ever written, influenced quite a lot by Ghibli works.

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They knew! · 5:58pm Nov 9th, 2016

In Raiders of the Lost Cutie Mark.


won the election vs.

Diamond Tiara.

They knew.


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Greetings from Germany! · 8:50pm Jul 29th, 2016

Hallo alles! (That's German for "Hello all", who knew...)

Anyways! I'm in Ludwigsburg for Galacon. My first pony convention in two years. It's about midnight and there's about ten drunk Brits partying in the next room and they aren't showing any signs of stopping. Yay for britfags.

If you're around the convention, come throw me a brohoof or something. You know who to look for; the 6 '4" dude with sunglasses

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Dominant Ideal 2 out now! · 7:45pm Mar 19th, 2016

Yes! After years of people asking for it, here's the conclusion for the sad and heartwarming story of Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle experimenting with a lot of things they shouldn't be. Go read and enjoy! Just one click away

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