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Because "fantasy erotica" sounds better than "cartoon horse porn."

My stories, organized by theme for your convenience


Cease and DesistHow Derpy Saved ChristmasSpecies Survival PlanTeachable MomentIndiana Jones and the Temple of CoomSir David Attenborough Narrating Equestrian PornTrixie the HereticCatbird's First RodeoNot-So-Safe SexGirls Just Want to Have Griff-FunPokédildonicsGriffonstone GreenBeaks and TalonsThe Ghoulish Garlic Cum CaperSunSunSetSetHiking with HippogriffsMordeTwiVinyl Scratch Humps Bruno MarsCat Scratch FeverIcemoonDash's New OutfitAt Fluttershy's CottageA Very Long CourtshipI Thought That's Just Called 'A Massage' 

Escalation comedy:

Species Survival PlanFire for EffectSpring ShakedownSir David Attenborough Narrating Equestrian PornStar FuckingBig Mac's Cock is an NFTTrixie the HereticNot-So-Safe SexLollipippsGirls Just Want to Have Griff-FunDash's Very Small ProblemFlash Sentry Buttfucks a PlonyShining Armor's Cock Gets Stuck in Cadance's AssDerpy Needs a Dicking 

Virginity Loss:

Oddly horny cursebreak:

Self-InsertedThe Ghoulish Garlic Cum CaperDash's Very Small ProblemShining Armor's Cock Gets Stuck in Cadance's Ass 

Threesome, foursome, orgy:

Fire for EffectPerky Pregnant PrincessVeggie-tailedSpring ShakedownFlitter's Birthday PresentSir David Attenborough Narrating Equestrian PornStar FuckingBig Mac's Cock is an NFTShe fucks like AngelCoco Probe-well Trixie the HereticLollipippsSelf-InsertedGirls Just Want to Have Griff-FunThe Ghoulish Garlic Cum CaperSunSunSetSetQueen's Gambit —  Dash's Very Small ProblemLaid in ManehattanSuntwinsAt Fluttershy's Cottage

In public/with an audience:

Barely legal / just turned eighteen / Can I see some ID?:

Over the Counter RemedySpecies Survival PlanFire for EffectTeachable MomentSpring ShakedownStar FuckingTrixie the HereticWell MarbledCatbird's First RodeoNot-So-Safe SexRoyal ErrorPokédildonicsDaring Do and the Temple of BetrayalThe Ghoulish Garlic Cum CaperHiking with HippogriffsShining Armor's Cock Gets Stuck in Cadance's AssA Very Long Courtship —  I Thought That's Just Called 'A Massage'Card Catalogs and Creampies 

Ambiguous / dubious / non-consent or duress:

Rough play:

Tough LoveTeachable MomentVeggie-tailedSpring ShakedownFlitter's Birthday PresentHazardous MaterialCoco Probe-well Trixie the HereticBeaks and TalonsFlash Magnus Reinvents AnalHiking with HippogriffsPeg-a-SisterCat Scratch Fever —  I Thought That's Just Called 'A Massage'Card Catalogs and Creampies 

Cervical Penetration:

Spring ShakedownHazardous MaterialShe fucks like AngelTrixie the HereticCatbird's First RodeoGirls Just Want to Have Griff-FunGriffonstone GreenBeaks and TalonsHiking with HippogriffsSuntwinsDash's New OutfitPeg-a-Sister

Pony is very (or at least comparatively) smol:

Species Survival PlanIndiana Jones and the Temple of CoomGirls Just Want to Have Griff-FunBeaks and TalonsSunSunSetSetDash's Very Small ProblemCat Scratch FeverDash's New OutfitA Very Long Courtship —  I Thought That's Just Called 'A Massage' 

Female seduces male:

Over the Counter RemedyTeachable MomentIndiana Jones and the Temple of CoomHazardous MaterialStar FuckingShe fucks like AngelWell MarbledCatbird's First RodeoRoyal ErrorGirls Just Want to Have Griff-FunPokédildonicsA Narrow Bunk on a TrainHiking with HippogriffsThe Ghoulish Garlic Cum CaperFlash Sentry Buttfucks a PlonyCat Scratch FeverShining Armor's Cock Gets Stuck in Cadance's AssHow Scootaloo was MadeDash's New OutfitA Very Long CourtshipA Naptime QuickieDerpy Needs a DickingCard Catalogs and Creampies 

First-person narrator:

Indiana Jones and the Temple of CoomHazardous MaterialShe fucks like AngelWell MarbledRoyal ErrorThe Ghoulish Garlic Cum CaperFlash Magnus Reinvents AnalHiking with HippogriffsDash's Very Small ProblemDash's New Outfit 

Human in Equestria / Pony on Earth / Equestria Girls:

How Derpy Saved ChristmasSpecies Survival Planndiana Jones and the Temple of CoomSpring ShakedownGirls Just Want to Have Griff-FunSunSunSetSetHiking with HippogriffsVinyl Scratch Humps Bruno MarsIcemoonDash's New Outfit 

Character has regrets:

The dickbarb chronicles:

Romantic porn:

Beaks and TalonsIcemoonA Very Long CourtshipTracking Her to the PalaceDerpy Needs a Dicking

Story-centric erotica:

Royal ErrorBeaks and TalonsDaring Do and the Temple of BetrayalIcemoonA Very Long CourtshipDerpy Needs a Dicking 

Creampie eating:

Teachable MomentTrixie the HereticSelf-InsertedQueen's GambitLaid in ManehattanSuntwinsAt Fluttershy's Cottage  


Married sex:

 Big Mac's Cock is an NFTHow Scootaloo was MadeA Naptime Quickie 


Fire for EffectA Very Tasty TreatPeg-a-SisterA Very Minty Hearth's WarmingIcemoon 

Penis goes in the...

Not quite porn:

Cease and DesistHow Derpy Saved ChristmasSpecies Survival PlanFire for EffectTacos BirriaSir David Attenborough Narrating Equestrian PornI Can't Believe it's not Buttershy!The Jizz-Crusted Onesie MysteryVinyl Scratch Humps Bruno Mars

Story Exchanges:

A Very Tasty TreatPeg-a-SisterTracking Her to the Palace

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Rip her poor guards.

Luna: "I have found a solution to your problem, Sister."
Celestia: "Oh?"
[ENTER Manticore, lead on a leash by Fluttershy]

Well, here's another one for the pile. You'll get a laugh out of this idea, I promise. It came to me in a dream and I figured you were the fellow to share it with, because I don't have time to write it either, and it reminded me of your work.

So here's the premise: alicorn pussies clench so hard when they climax anything inside gets crushed to paste. This is why Cadance ended up with Shining, as he can cast a tube shield around his dick. Twilight can do the same thing for her partners, and Luna just fucks in dreams so it doesn't matter. Celestia, however, has no countermeasures. Instead, having sex with her acts as a sort of test of courage and skill for her male guards, a rite of 'passage'. Can they finish inside her and pull out before she cums and pulps their dick? Or will they finish too early and leave their ruler wanting and upset with them? Only one way to find out: take the plunge.

Thanks for the note!

Unfortunately no, not this year; I am swamped at work and don't have the bandwidth. (Those reports won't write themselves!)

I don't take any requests. I get 50 good cursed ideas for every one I have time to write.

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