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Because "fantasy erotica" sounds better than "cartoon horse porn."

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Completely reasonable reaction to being bitten by a vampire. This is exactly what I would do.:rainbowdetermined2:

A sanguinare vampiris antidote would have worked just as well, but I suppose it wouldnt have benefitted the town as much.

Well, let's hope Gallus gave Bon Bon at least some immunity. Though she can always bang him again.

I'm not even halfway done reading and this is too god damn funny. Like, Feather Bangs, and the conductor, and the puns, lmao. And then the last scene was pretty hot on top of that.

Big thanks! It was fun to write.

now that you've gotten this out of your system i can run my lyrabon contest

I don’t usually like first person stories, but for this one I’ll make an exception because holy shit I love that premise.

Heh, big thanks!

I honestly thought the story wouldn't work in a third-person perspective, because the situation was so personal to Bon-Bon, being a monster hunter and all.


now that you've gotten this out of your system

you assume too much :fluttershbad:

Indeed. I don't think he said the last word.


Never know when inspiration will hit.

And people telling me "sock! do not!" is a sure way to make sure sock does.


TchaikovskySockPuppet no!
TchaikovskySockPuppet yes! TchaikovskySockPuppet always yes!

Watching Lyra's trim body pistoning up and down, her muscular hips taught with exertion


One Lyra was over... tonight...


I was careful to breath through my nose on his retreating motions.


This is the perfect mash-up of funny and sexy! And I can't resist a good math joke like irrational/Discord . And Gallus being the ultimate stud (with barbs!) is the cherry on top.

Well, that was completely insane. Pretty funny though.

I sorta feel bad for Gallus here. Unlikely to find a partner with equipment like that. Hell, even a gryphoness might not enjoy it.

Heh, thanks!

Good thing Bon-Bon was horny enough to pop his cherry for him, eh?

And now after a bit of a think I can imagine someone coming up with condoms for gryphons with thickness and reinforcement so it makes the spines feel like bumps or nodules instead.

I discussed that with my brainstorming partners for my Capper fic, but I decided that wasn't as fun to write!

"Whoops," he said. "Sorry, I cum to threats of violence."

So you have a Violence Fetish?

It's pretty rare to find an NSFW fic in the eyes of a female main character.




If you are interested, I wrote some other first-person-female fics recently as well:

[Adult story embed hidden]

[Adult story embed hidden]

[Adult story embed hidden]

[Adult story embed hidden]

Truth be told, it's something I've been experimenting with deliberately.

Is it really? But the show is 90% female characters :rainbowderp: Not that I'd complain if there were more though.


In my experience most smut that I found are mostly male-centric.

And if the MC is female? She is mostly either asexual, a lesbian, or a hermaphrodite who prefers girls.



a hermaphrodite who prefers girls

Since I resemble that remark, I guess it just makes writing easier. Also, you get more boobs as a bonus.

While all those are good, I suppose I agree that there aren't enough stories about traditional cock-craving females.

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