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Because "fantasy erotica" sounds better than "cartoon horse porn."


Summer Sin Celebration thoughts. [edited] · 8:49am Saturday

"Peg-a-Sister" was my entry in the Summer Sin Celebration 2021. Briefly, the Summer Sin was a Secret Santa-style exchange, in which you make a request for a pairing and a kink, and that's given to someone else to write, and then you receive in exchange someone else's request to write. My assignment was for "Flitter and Cloudchaser" as the pairing, and "rough" as the kink. (I requested "Fluttershy and Thunderlane,

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The status of the clop · 8:56am July 16th

Long time no blog.

For those who follow my clean account, my recent Romancing the Griffonstone will SoonTM have a lewd sequel here. However, that's much more difficult a lift than I originally anticipated. It's been fully drafted, but needs multiple editing and refactoring passes before it will be of the standards I demand of myself.

TRomancing the Griffonstone
Glenda is Stygian's biggest fan in Griffonstone. (Not that there was much competition.)
SockPuppet · 9.4k words  ·  165  9 · 1.6k views

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Assigned · 12:53am June 27th

Got my assignment for the Summer Sin Celebration, and... well, you'll possibly think my account was hacked. All the stuff I don't usually write. It'll be fun, though, if for no other reason than to force me out of my usual lane. The whole reason to enter contests or exchanges is to force yourself to write outside of your usual boundaries, isn't it?

Probably will be published last few days of July.

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Coming soon · 7:29pm April 24th

"Daring Do and the Temple of Betrayal" — probably mid-next week.

Before Caballeron was Daring Do's rival, he was her first mentor, lover, and betrayer.

Doctoral Candidate Caballeron teaches high-school-senior Daring Do a hard lesson. Narrative-based erotica. Although there are some very saucy scenes, the emphasis is the story more than the sex.

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Big thanks · 12:23pm March 15th

Big thanks to everypony for the thumbs and the comments and the favorites on "Narrow Bunk."

Current works in progress (no promises on publication dates):

  • Woman-in-Equestria x Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger (porn without plot)
  • College-age Daring Do x Doctoral Candidate Caballeron (story-based erotica, might get published on SockPuppet not AtomicClop, idk)
  • Rainbow Dash x Quibble Pants and Clear Sky (stupid comedy)

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Which mare is horniest? (With numbers!) · 9:05pm January 30th

Which mares are horniest?

I searched the search box with "#mature #sex #mlp-fim" and found this:

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Audio Reading · 11:52pm January 26th

Greetings. Fimfic user "The Mystery Fluttershy Fan" posted a reading of "Shining Armor's Cock Gets Stuck in Cadance's Ass" on their youtube channel.

I'm not going to post a direct link, because there are readings on the page of clop that might make some people more uncomfortable, but it can be found by searching the user name in fimfic search box.

However, I'm presently listening to SACGSICA and it's well done.

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Main account · 11:17pm Sep 2nd, 2019


As several people have deduced, this is an alt account.

I post my clean stuff at SockPuppet. Mosey on over if you wish.


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