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Because "fantasy erotica" sounds better than "cartoon horse porn."


Story idea (free to a good home) · 9:30am April 10th

*record scratch*
*freeze frame*
*whispering narration* "So you're, um, probably wondering how I got into this situation..."

Derpibooru: 2170243

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Story idea · 10:42am January 15th

"Televised invisible buttsex"

Zipp looks like she's having a good time.

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A snippet · 9:25pm Dec 10th, 2023

I have no idea what story this would fit in, but whatever:

Twilight Sparkle: "You seem preoccupied."
Shining Armor: "I'm concerned that one day, Cadance might find out that Chrysalis has a bigger dick than me."

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An experimental piece, and thanks for the positive response · 11:48am Jul 1st, 2023

[Adult story embed hidden]

I would like to thank you all for the strong positive response to "Tough Love." I wasn't sure how it would go down, but it's one fo the best-received fics I've written in the last year or so. My thanks! (EDIT: topped the feature box at number 1.)

This was, clearly, an experimental piece and not my usual fare. Let's dig into the motivation and thought process briefly:

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Not dead · 11:59pm Jun 28th, 2023

I haven't published anything here since March.

I've been writing -- several stories in the works. However, none were speaking to me, none grabbed my muse. Luckily, I brushed off one of my old ideas and it did speak to my muse, and I pounded out 3500 words in no time flat. I'm currently editing it, will probably publish in a couple days.

Sorry I'm not publishing; real life is getting in the way. Too many hours at work, too tired when I get home. You all know how it is.

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Signal boost: Summer Sin · 12:19am May 27th, 2023

I'm sitting out this year Because Reasons™️, but I would like to make sure everyone sees this in case anyone is interested:

Summer Sin Signups Open

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New group · 9:35am Mar 17th, 2023

After publishing "Over the Counter Remedy" yesterday, where Redheart rails Flash in the nurse's office, I tried to add it to the "Hot for Teacher" group, but realized the group 404'd. Because Knighty is MIA, we can't get groups necromancy'd and ownership transferred anymore, so I had to make a new group:

[Adult group embed hidden]

Please add stories! Make suggestions for new folders, too.

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Status of fics · 11:01am Feb 23rd, 2023

Working on several fics, primarily a mare x stallion x woman threesome fic, but I'm emphasizing some serious drama fics for my clean account, first. Trying to flush that queue before circling back here to my lewd account.

As a placeholder until I publish something, here's a stupid idea I had yesterday:

  • A Kerbal lithobrakes into a planet
  • He isekais to Equestria
  • Maud finds him
  • He smells like lithobraking
  • dubcon ensues

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"Perky Pregnant Princess:" author's notes · 9:18am Jan 4th, 2023

True story:
When my wife was about 39 or 40 weeks pregnant and miserable, we were at the hospital's maternity ward with some false contractions. The nurse told us in a conspiratorial whisper that cum would induce labor, and we could get this whole thing over with.

I had a broken foot at the time and just sorta... waved my crutches at the nurse with a glare.

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Signal boost · 5:28pm Dec 26th, 2022

Didn't post this yesterday because family, but here it is now. Short and funny fic about Derpy and Dildos.

[Adult story embed hidden]

Highly recommended.

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