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Cover art looks like it was made by JohnJoseco for anybody wondering. He’s been a fan since the show got popular and has specialized in humanized art pre Equestria girls and people like him are why that movie was made in the first place.

Sorry. I didn’t know I didn’t add the source link. This story has been on the shelf for awhile and that feature didn’t exist back then. I’ll fix that.

I wouldn’t add a link. At one point there was a rule you couldn’t post any link to another site here because the site is housed in the UK and article thirteen so the site owner would have to pay money for having a link on his site. I was just putting it there in case anyone wanted to find the artist.

While I don't have the chance to read the story just yet, you get an instant cookie for the Title. CRITICAL NOSTALGIA HIT

More! More I say! We need subsequent game nights!

Maybe one day. But for now, I have a lot of other boats I need to repair and clean up. But keep an eye out for blogs where I ask about what I should do next. Every voice matters.

Whot ees gayem noit?!

I'm the kind of guy who will make an entire story based off a dumb joke.

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