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If there was one thing the ponies of Equestria had come to understand after their rekindled friendships, it was that the past is often distorted by time, fear, and misunderstanding. It was a long road for the ponies of Maretime Bay—as well as Zephyr Heights and Bridlewood—to overcome those gaps, but their returned unity has given way to their magic and hopes of a brighter future. A future helmed in great deal by Sunny and her friends, come what may.

Even if that first trial is the declaration of war.

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This story is a sequel to Forever This Second

The winding path leads us often back to where we once were; even as we have forgotten where that was. It was Sunny Starscout who had chartered that return trip once more for Equestria. Returning to them not just their magic and not just their history, but their long lost connection to something far greater.

It was against the discourse that harmony was reawakened, arms outstretched to welcome its lost herd.

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Ponykind reunited, new avenues opened, and a brighter future set to rise upon an eager world. That is what was left after the curtains drew over their fantastical adventure. But for Pipp and Hitch, the calm brought a new opportunity: Love.

A love both perhaps are willing to reciprocate... Until Pipp Petals learns 'reciprocating' is something sheriffs don't do.

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It started out as a grift, how did it end up like this?

A common thought that slips into the head of your everyday huckster and trickster once in a while. Especially one that either finds themselves at the end of a copper's club, or knee-deep in a shallow grave. But on rare occasions, it's a thought that strikes a particularly remorseful soul that finds themselves collecting a bit too much off of a mark.

Today, Trixie Lulamoon is one such shyster. But even the most staunch of moralities—as low as a thief's may be already—there are some pots that can't be turned down.

Art done by the fantastic happypaca. Really fantastic work.

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The Wonderbolts, Equestria's premier acrobatic and stunt troupe, bimonthly take it upon themselves to give back to the community. It's good for the kids, it sends a healthy message, and the press is nothing to sneeze at either. On one such charity case, the Wonderbolts' chief coordinator and lead performer, Spitfire, undertakes the task of taking in a child to give them the best week of their life. In doing so, she unknowingly throws herself down a path that brings her to ask many questions she had long since wanted to repress...

"Would I make a good mother?"

Humanized characters.

The concept for this story was drawn up before the events of a certain episode. I'm sorry.

Editing and Proofreading provided by the diligent Laeri

Art crafted by the ever talented bakki

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All stories have a clear beginning. All stories have a clear ending. But the chapters have no limit; no defined length. That choice rests with the one who writes them.

In close relation to the Forever series.

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This story is a sequel to The Birds and the Changelings

When a colt gets his answer to "where do babies come from?" he's fine. He doesn't need any more answers on the topic... Except when he gets pulled into another world. In that case, he wonders where human babies come from. But, by now the mom is burnt out on the question, and the dad didn't want to answer in the first place. So, it's up to someone native... The sister.

A companion piece to Know Your Mare.

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This story is a sequel to I Hate You, Twilight Sparkle

Idolize; Verb: to revere or love greatly something in excess.

It isn't often someone idolizes someone. Some would call that excessive or premature; especially in today's young culture. To truly idolize someone is hard to come upon when we use the word so freely. People 'idolize' this and that, not truly knowing the gravity of what the word really means; the commitment it entails.

That said, Twilight Sparkle could re-write the entire dictionary in her sleep; fixing all the inconsistencies and mistakes. That is why when she believes she idolizes Fleur de Lis, she isn't just making mountains out of molehills.

Of course everyone adores Fleur. But none so zealously as Twilight Sparkle... So why does Fleur hate her so much?

Still based on Fleur de Lis' clean and burning hatred oozing from "Friendship Games".

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This story is a sequel to Know your Mare

It was the simplest of simple days when a mother gave her charming son a cookie. But what's one colt to do with a whole cookie?

One-shot fluff. Enjoy.

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The Filly Guides believe in three basic tenets:

Love your fellow mare.

Do onto others as you would have them do to you.

No filly left behind.

And somewhere between those three would be the rule that any Filly Guide must have all their basic merit badges by the end of their first year. Then again, that rule may be written between the lines of the welcome pamphlet they hand out at orientation. Who can say?

What can be said is that out of all the little fillies of Troop Two-Oh-One, Tag-A-Long has just one scout short of just one simple badge. Easy-peasy.

Edited by: Chaotic Note, AlicornPriest

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