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Ponykind reunited, new avenues opened, and a brighter future set to rise upon an eager world. That is what was left after the curtains drew over their fantastical adventure. But for Pipp and Hitch, the calm brought a new opportunity: Love.

A love both perhaps are willing to reciprocate... Until Pipp Petals learns 'reciprocating' is something sheriffs don't do.

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Meh, pretty decent fic. Also, the cover art is now in my collection of Pipp pictures.

'Preciate that.

I call it “the look of bewilderment”.

While interesting and was funny I felt like you could've built this better, the way it was built was out of love and passion a sort of pure essence of it, and in a way you did convey that. But it felt more like it was a throwaway with the sudden clarification she sucked his dick

Overall I guess maybe I lost the whole message but from the built up it seemed like an actual fluff story.

Also I really liked the concept and maybe turn on the rating? I feel like people will definitely gravitate to this story.

There is very little gen 5 stories as is so could be a good point for you.

Ratings are on. You can’t see them until ratings reach a certain threshold. That applies to all stories.

And I see your point. Maybe I’ll do an alternate cut focusing more on the actual relation some time.

On the one hand, the beautifully elegant opening builds fantastically to the blunt and pretty hilarious punchline.

On the other, you kinda spoiled the punchline before I clicked on the story.

You should make this a small series with each of the group talking to each of them about it. Then Hitch has to figure out if this “oath” is worth losing her.

Now there’s an idea…

Now we need one where she's sucking his dick.

Good story, punchline was very worth reading.

It was difficult for some to reconcile with the news once the dust had settled. Some said it was madness, some said it was forbidden, two asked how they managed to do that when the five of them were traveling in a tight formation from Zephyr Heights up to their climactic confrontation at the lighthouse which hadn't been more than two nights. But love would always find a way, and it had.

I like to think that Izzy didn't question it, since she pretended to be asleep so she could listen to Hitch clap Pipp's cheeks.
That, or the sounds of rhythmic hip claps helped her fall asleep in the wilds.

"Dude," his attention was snapped towards the large window looking out over the cityscape to see Zipp floating there with hooves crossed over her chest, "seriously?"

Was Zipp really about to watch her sister get eaten out (or fucked)?!
From so close that she could hear them through the outside window?!?!

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