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All stories have a clear beginning. All stories have a clear ending. But the chapters have no limit; no defined length. That choice rests with the one who writes them.

In close relation to the Forever series.

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Ooh, very haunting and unique! I love how no setting or characters were ever explicitly established, but the premise was very clear all the same.

So Simple yet oh ever so profound have a thumbs up and a fave. This is very philosophical yet unlike some of the more traditional philosophical texts, this one doesn't seem like a high handed instruction manual, this is a reflection, a memory, a friendly suggestion all rolled into one.

I hope this makes more sense to you than it does to me, like Pinkie Pie I don't even know what I'm talking about sometimes XD.

This essence of "vague" is rarely taken advantage of. I like to use it. Hah.

I understand completely, and I thank you for taking so much from my story.

It is sad that the story is over... and that it looks like Twilight will outlive her friends. I couldn't bare to live for thousands of years or be immortal and watch all my friends. Ah well, we can all believe what we want, after the book closes, its up to us what happens.

Good read.

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