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This story is a sequel to Know your Mare

Pipsqueak, how the years have gone by. They've watched you grow from an eager young rapscallion into a handsome, strong stallion. All the while they've been moved, touched, and all around attentive... And what they've noticed is that you don't have a girlfriend! And as your guardians, that's something that won't be stood for. Even if they must ravage all of Ponyville, they WILL find a girl just right for their little Pippy.

Editor: TheNoodleGod2012 and Meester

Art done by: Egophiliac

Chapters (12)
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Now... Fingers crossed that this is actually well received...

Reading it later.

1076336 Are you joking? I love it. Pip is one of my favorite background pones.

This concept interests me.Keep up the good work.:ajsmug:

XD This certainly looks VERY good, potentially, so I'm tracking. First chapter is FAR too short, really, so... In that, I am disappoint. (Both in you and the Mod that passed this when it wasn't 1.5k words minimum...)
*Waits for the next chapter*

This looks to be very interesting!

Love it.
But there is just one thing that's bothering me.
Isn't Pipsqueak a goat?

So far so good.... Pip is under the protection of Discord and Our Queen Chrysalis? very interesting...

Idk why, filly/grown up filly romance stories are interesting as fuck

1077549 :rainbowhuh: He's not a goat. He just has pinto colouring. http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Pipsqueak

Well, gosh. This is truly a lovely story even from the first chapter. I'll be keeping my eye on you for more.:twilightsmile:

so basically Pip became the Breaburn of his time? (you know the meme, "Breaburn gets all the mares" and "everypony is gay for Breaburn" oh and of course "lesbians become straight for Breaburn" so basically it would be the same but with Pip)
cool story so far, i will look forward to it.

I have no idea what I just read. Pipsqueak and Discord. That's all I got out of this. But you have captured my interest. Entertain my imagination, and allow your fingers dance across the keyboard for my amusement, meat puppet! DANCE! MWHAHAHA:flutterrage:!

Having Discord and Queen Chrysalis as Pipsqueak's mom and dad baffles me.
But I do like the concept so I'm favoriting.

Hmm, very different. Of course, I am wondering how in the buck Discord and Chrysalis ended up being the legal guardians of Pipsqueak.

...heh, i like it.

it's good, nice reading

Pip's a colt, not a filly. The general term do young ponies is "foals"

DISCORD!? WHAT!? AND CHRYALIS!?:twilightoops: Okay okay, I can forgive that. Actually, Chrysalis I don't have any problem with but Discord!? WTF? He has no real redeeming qualities. He's just a dick. Eh, whatever. Just ignore me. I really do want to see where this goes. I especially want to see if the cover image will be accurate.:raritywink:

Well if Pip wants a girl. Queeny would be of more help than Discord.

"I wasn't talking about foals"

>Has Silver Spoon in it.
>Romance Tag

Edit: That's not to say I don't like Pip or anything (Your Pip is awesome!) Just Silver Spoon stuff is what I've been hunting for lately.

I'll freaking read anything that has discord in it, all in all though, this is really great.

I am just wondering why Discord is free. :rainbowhuh:


Who said they're legal? :duck:

a new pipsqueak story, romance, discord and chysilias as gaurdians/pushy parents? yes please :pinkiehappy:

Is this some kind of Know Your Mare spin-off?
Cuz it looks to be so.

Little grammar problems, just everywhere, but I'll still keep reading.

1081490 Do show me them. PM a few to me so I can correct them.

Ahahaha! Wonderful start! I look forward to future chapters.

Sir... you have my attention. I'm definitely interested in seeing where this goes.
Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

I must say, Flinx, this is a wonderful start to a spin-off story from you "Know Your Mare" series. Your older Pips feels authentic and very in-character; I like how you had his dream of become a pirate mature into a special talent/desire for exploration and adventure. Very fitting. Not to mention, the relationship between Pips and Discord was interesting to watch and learn about in the "Know Your Mare" series; I look forward to seeing how you flesh it out even more here. I do hope there will be some flash-back scenes explaining how and why they originally met, along with Queenie; though I do realize that this story seems to be more focused on Pips future and relationships than on providing a backstory to Know Your Mare.

Its an amazing start; I'm iching to see where you take it. It easily got a thumbs up and fave from me! :pinkiehappy: Keep you the good work! :twilightsmile:

1083051 I'm a fan of flash-backs, so I will use them as the story goes on.

wow!!! will defiantly keep reading! :moustache:

1080893 Very true. Could just be legal in the sense that Celestia doesn't know about any of this or hasn't really considered it much of a threat.

Oh my, this story increases in interest, and right now I am very interested. :pinkiehappy:

"You're making sense of this! I can't work under these conditions!"
Discord would do well in advertising. You're paid not to make sense!

1084075 What gives the idea that Luna will show up? :trixieshiftright:

We do I agree with this? Oh well...

Er, I noticed that you spelled patiance wrong; you said patients instead.

Ps, I probably spelled patiance wrong, so don't use my spelling of it.


So is Pips like the "Chosen One" or something?
Or are Chys and Discord just really in need of a job?

Carry On

Now I'm going to always think of Chrysalis and Discord as Pip's parents. x3
It's a great story, and I shall continue reading
Iz so cute!! :rainbowkiss:


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