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A fan fiction written by a young colt? That's not news. Everyone writes fan fictions. It's no big deal. Really. No one is interested at all... Where did he put it? Not that we want to see it or anything...

Come on. It's a parent's job to be curious about what their children are doing. It's also in their nature to snoop, pry, and break the laws of anything to find out WHO THEY WROTE IT ABOUT!

A double-sided story. One half tells the story of finding a fan fiction written by a starting author. The other is -well- the story itself.

Art Done by Flinx. (The younger assistant.) As a rendition of Pip drawing.

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Pip's story was just so...:pinkiesick:
I need more pip! I crave it more so than ever!:pinkiecrazy:

An incredibly cute story! We need more pip! XD

Its always the quiet ones. Torn apart between "I dunno what i just read" and "I wish I had Rainbow Dash as a parent", I do have to admit one thing for sure. Not bad, not bad at all :3

... Well then. I would have hidden it in a toaster.

Yup. This is a thing. A good thing.

Was the love letter from Luna? :rainbowhuh:

is the love letter a tie to They grow Up?, because if it is Discord and the Queen need to train their memory

2547707 Tee-hee. Someone's getting the idea~~.

Beautiful! Spectacular! We've found the next J.R.R. Tolkien!

Of course. It's always the bed.

Well Pip, this holds... a lot of potential. It just needs a little polish, and maybe less of your actual feelings of the story and-

2546452 to easy and besides do your really think discord wouldn't look in a toaster

D: Always check the freezer.
C: :facehoof:


:twilightoops: What is this supposed to mean?

:flutterrage: When somebody have to know than YOU!

Am I mssing something? What love letter?


Searching through, however, they found nothing except for a love letter from-- AH! Who cares? It wasn't the book...

From the story, when they were searching through his scarves. :twilightsmile:

Very adorable story, and quite fitting with Pip's personality. :twilightsmile:


first time I'm right about something you do....

Now I shall party harder than Pinkie Pie...see you in the afterlife

I think the heartless soul that is Chrysalis has been shattered with kindness, good work Pip

WOW!!!! Pip is innocent and adorable inside and out , this story made me laugh so much:rainbowlaugh: At lest Discord and Chrysalis wont have to worry about Pip growing up to be a pervert( or Chrysalis might be a little disappointed, ya now eats love and stuff.) good 2 know those two haven't made him Equestrias greatest villan.......yet:trixieshiftright:

2583147 Can't. As they put it "They would have to accept a world where Discord and Chrysalis raise Pip". Which is TOO crazy... Apparently.

Very cute, cringed when I saw the writing by Pip. Well done.

You always check the bed first you idiots!:rainbowlaugh:

This was adorable. Definitely faving this.

Pip, you are the best writer out there.
You even beat Overlord at writing.

Pipsqueak your clever colt.

Yup. Always hide it between the mattresses. Or in it, if things get desperate.

The cute! It's attacking! Don't succumb to the adorableness! It's.....:yay: Soooo sweet!:raritystarry:

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