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I'm 40% jokes, 30% serious, and 20% romance. The Last 10%? You tell me.


Ponies, assorted whatevers, We're gathered here today... For the most insane and explosive wedding you have ever seen.

Know Your Mare-universe is taken to it's greatest and final chapter, the wedding of Chrysalis and Discord. OCs welcomed and canon allowed, there is no holds in this pit of uncontrolled craziness.

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The ending was hilarious! Still haven't received a form ...

The only thing I can think of : :moustache:

you got that last line form Gorge Lopez lol. Still good :rainbowlaugh:

I see the sneaky George Lopez reference you put in there clever...anyone seen pip?

This is gonna be one big charlie foxtrot.

And I thought Twilight would be happy with a Checklist. The list was great but the ending was perfekt. :rainbowlaugh:
Carry on good sir and I will follow you to the pits of hell! fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/207/b/1/rainbow_salute__sfm_gif__by_argodaemon-d6ehks1.gif

:rainbowdetermined2:This may just set a record for fastest-featured story.

Five bucks says this ends in a volcanic eruption and an angry horde of headless chickens overrunning the island.

This is going to end badly. I just know it:twilightoops:
But keep up the good work man:twilightsmile:

2950367 Nobody would go at those odds. It's way too likely. :moustache:

Wait a minute...

Know Your Mare-universe is taken to it's greatest and final chapter,


Do't worry. From past experiences, it's as final as Final Fantasy.

Just a question...are Cadance and Shiney the leaders of the pickle rebellion?

2950637 If this story dies, so will the website. At least in my heart.

Spike is a goner when Twilight gets her hooves on him.

Great story so far, this will be interesting.

Kufufufufu~ Absolutely splendid. I dont know how you make time freeze until the wedding is written. Discords work perhaps? Oh well, Ill be watching nearby in the mist until my time comes. Till then. Kufufufufu~


(Daemon Spade)

You and I both know how this wedding will end: in chaos.:derpytongue2:

2950680 I thought they were the harlot and starlet...
2950637 Yeah... That's a good point, actually. I mean, How many chapters of KYM has there been since the "end"...?
...40. 40 extra chapters since 'FINAL BATTLE: Equestria.'
Yeah, I'm not worried anymore.

Awesome just want to make more chaos if thats alright with you can I recieve a form and appear out of no where so i might get in heck not its your choice anywho on with the kissing of spikes arse

O-o-oh my god XD I did not expect that!

2951047 I don't know whether to upvote or downvote this comment. You've put me in indecision. You filthy- *TECHNICAL ISSUES!*

I'm pretty sure you said that about Final Battle: Equestria. I'm not taking your word for it after 40 bonus chapters.

2951047 OnCe agAin, i'Ve oUTlivED AnoThEr gRaNd CiViLizaTIoN... yES, I SaiD "GrAnD", doN'T ExpECt mE To SaY ThAt abOuT AnYThInG elSE.

2951239 images.wikia.com/ben10fanfiction/images/f/f2/Slenderman_static_emote.gif

But I have to say, I am thoroughly excited for all this OC attention...even if I don't have one. (I hope you add that Slendermane one in though!)

Are we going to get the forms soon? I'll just be patient.

what this is the final story in know-your-mare universe?

man you first need to get Sunset a boyfried

Don't worry, I'll get you the wedding present...eventually...

2951539 That gif went perfectly with the song I was listening to. It looked like Slendy was dancing to it:pinkiehappy:

*walks into the other room as I grab a sandwich and take a bite. The sandwich then jumps up and smacks me across the face and walks off* Of course, it's Discord's wedding, nothing is going to be as it seems. I'm kinda scared to try the punch now.

Well this is hilarious! Looking forward to the rest of it.

2951531 True, but that was a great deal of time ago... At that time, I had no idea that I could drag the series out as far as I have. But, the train has to end.

2951776 Try this image. I guarantee that whatever you listen to, he dances to the beat.


2951912:rainbowlaugh: I've been trying this out for like ten minutes and he hasn't failed yet!:rainbowwild:

Comment posted by Magatsu Orpheus deleted Jul 28th, 2013

Great... Now turn around, bend over and kiss Spike's ass because I pick him!

My sides are gone. :rainbowlaugh::moustache:

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