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BronyCAN is official. Canada has its first major brony convention · 2:26am Mar 27th, 2013

Its official, BronyCAN is taking place in Richmond, BC, Canada on August 24-25 at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre. All the information is available at BronyCAN.

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Caneighdian Jake

I'm a 27 28 29 year-old Canadian brony who enjoys the wealth of high-quality fan-made MLP:FiM material on the internet. I find that all this fan-work is just making me appreciate the show and the characters so much more.

I have recently began offering my technical writing skills to assist a couple FIMFiction writers with pre-reading and editing of their stories. Its a real pleasure and honour to be able to give back to this wonderful community in what ever small way I can. I'm currently working with Kaldanor on From Scratch. Its a wonderful story so please check it out! If you are looking for a pre-reader or an editor, send me a PM and I will let you know if I am available.

I like my fair share of comedy, action, and mystery; but I love stories that focus on personal journeys, growth, and struggles. The "Top Favourite" List provided below contains the stories that have stood out in my mind and my heart long after I finished reading them.

I should note that I am also a big fan of Vinyl/Ocavia shipping. I gave those two their own 'Top Favourite' list below so that I can feature other stories in my "Top Favourite" List," which are equally wonderful stories.

All of my "Top..." Lists that are Found Below
Top Favourites (x3) --- Top Hidden Jems --- Top Vinyl/Octavia Stories (x2) --- Top Comedies (x2) --- Top Sad/Tragedy Stories --- Top Slice of Life Stories --- Top Cross-Over Stories --- Top Anti-Cupcake Material --- Top Miscellenous Stories --- Top Non-FIMFiction.net Material

BronyCAN 2015: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada Aug 21-23

Additional 'Top...' Lists

(Because, apparently, there is a limit on the number of Favourite Modules you are allowed on your profile page)
Top Anti-Cupcakes Material
For all of those innocent ponies that have been traumatized after unwittingly stumbling across one of the many incarnations of the infamous "Cupcakes" story on the internet, I offer some material that will hopefully right the horrible wrongs committed against Pinkie, Dash, and all things pure, holy, and honorable.

The Light in the Darkness (FIMFiction.net Story)
MLP Comic: Mane 6 Read "Cupcakes" (Video)
MLP Comic: Mane 6 Read "Cupcakes" (Comic)
Cupcakes: Alternate Ending(Comic)

For anypony who thinks reading "Cupcakes" is a necessary rite-of-passage to become a true brony ... you should be bucked ... in the face ... repeatedly ... by Applejack ... for all eternity.

For anypony lucky enough not to have read "Cupcakes" yet, DON'T! FOR CELESTIA'S SAKE, FOR YOUR OWN SANITY, AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS PURE, HOLY AND HONOURABLE, DON'T. DON'T EVEN LET YOUR CURIOSITY CONTEMPLATE HAVING A LOOK. If you still need to sate your curiosity, read the more palatable summary at Know Your Meme: Cupcakes
Top Miscelleneous Stories
Where the World Ends
- This story looks like it will be an epic and wonderful tale; just take a look at the map the author created for the story. However, as only the introduction is published, it is hard to place it in any specific "Top..." List.

Top Non-FIMFiction.net Material

Favourite Brony/Pegasister Musicians
Acoustic Brony: YouTube, SoundCloud
Aspect of the Storm: YouTube
Aviators: YouTube, SoundCloud
Bagpipe Brony: YouTube, SoundCloud
Jackle App: YouTube, SoundCloud
The Living Tombstone: YouTube, SoundCloud
Makkon: YouTube, SoundCloud
Mandopony: YouTube, SoundCloud
Mic the Microphone: YouTube
Poni1Kenobi: YouTube
Ponyphonic: SoundCloud
Turquoise Splash: YouTube
The Wooden Toaster: YouTube, SoundCloud

Favourite Brony/Pegasister Animators
Bogyle Bronies: YouTube
Brony Dance Party: YouTube
Christians Cartoons: YouTube
Silly Filly Studios: YouTube
Glitzer: YouTube

Favourite Brony/Pegasister Voice Actors/Actresses
Flootershai (as Pinkie Pie in Dr. Whooves Adventures): SoundCloud
HannahK (as Vinyl Scratch in The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recording): SoundCloud
The Jam Jar (as Doctor Whooves in Dr. Whooves Adventures): SoundCloud
Keiko and Gilly (as Doctor Whooves in Dr. Whooves and Associate): YouTube
Lauren Goodnight (as Twilight in Dr. Whooves Adventures): SoundCloud
Pierce Smoulders (as Derpy Whooves): YouTube
The Robot Butterfly (as Spitfire): YouTube, SoundCloud
Wollffeey (as Octavia): Soundcloud

Favourite Brony Websites / Groups
Pony in a Box Productions (Wordpress Account)
Ask the Ponies in the Box (Tumblr)
Dr. Whooves Adventures (Facebook Account)
SqueakAnon (YouTube Account)
Dr. Whooves Adventures (TV-Tropes Page)
- Pony in a Box Productions is known for its high-quality radio play series called Dr. Whooves Adventures, which tells the stories of Dr. Whooves and his new assistant Twilight Sparkle. It got me interested in the character of Dr. Whooves and I have been having a hankering to watch the actual Dr. Who series as a result. These ponies are also making a radio play starring Daring Doo and they are always making wonderful shorts as well. All their work is high-quality and entertaining!

Dr. Whooves and Assistant (Tumblr)
PierceSmoulder (YouTube)
Keiko and Gilly (YouTube)
- Another radio play series, but this time regarding Dr. Whooves and his new assistant Derpy Whooves. While its not as polished as Dr. Whooves Adventures, the interplay between the two characters is fun. Whenever I read Derpy Whooves material, I hear the voice from this series in my head.

Midnight Magic Productions (YouTube)
The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recordings (YouTube)

Favourite Pony Music Videos
Daddy Discord
Dash's Determination
Epic Wub Time
Massive Smile Project
Perfect Picture Pony
Wake Up Applejack!

Miscelleneous Material
My Little Dashie: The Movie
- A movie based on the popular fan-fiction story 'My Little Dashie'

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Heyo, Jake, long time no chat. Think we could talk about something for a sec whenever you're on? I'm direly in need of a proofreader's services.

The editing of Chapter 17 from "From Scratch" begins...


Not to worry, everything's under control with that. With the town in the state it is, everyone's doing the fund-raising bit.

As for why I dropped by, I wanted to check up on an old friend. See how you were doing after so long of basically not talking to each other. How goes From Scratch?

Merry Hearth's Warming and a happy New Year to you, too, buddy. And hope you recover from the flu soon, I know how much it can suck.

*Coughing more from the flu than from the settling dust*
I would actually be disappointed in any tamer of an entrance from someone named KillerSteel.

The merriest of Hearth's Warming Eves and the happiest of New Years to you my good sir! :twilightsmile:

Its a pleasure to see you in this neck of the woods. How have you been? How goes the writing?

:ajsleepy: Sorry for falling out of touch; I'm not the best at keeping correspondence in the best of times and I haven't strolled through FIMFiction for a while, with the exception of my editing duties with From Scratch, as my out-dated profile can attest to.

Anything specific besides wanton destruction, bring you to my little unkept corner of the pasture? Though, your tank rampage did I wonderful job dusting out the place.

I also hope you didn't leave poor old Applejack behind to, once again, raise funds for the re-rebuilding of Town Hall... I can imagine that wouldn't put you in her good books.

*Drives into the page riding on a tank, a wake of destruction and property damage smouldering behind him.*

Hi. Sorry about your wall. Can't really pay for repairs; dumped all my funds into fixing up Town Hall after I drove through it.

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