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Every colt grows curious sooner or later about that one question: "Where do babies come from?" Simple question, simple answer. Though when your parent figures aren't the ones to take simple simply... And when your mom is a being that feeds off the core element of "where babies come from", the talks may go differently.

A companion piece to Know Your Mare.

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That's all I can say.

oh my god...



With a clear of her throat into one of her holed legs

I can see this happening. :trollestia:

I love you for making this I laughed so hard. :rainbowlaugh: Also not to be a grammar nazi but I found this. -drool threatening to leak between her mouth as he was consumed by the utter boredom.- I think you mean his .Just a small thing no trouble.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Ow, my ribs! Once again, you do not disappoint!

Best. One-shot. Ever.:pinkiehappy:

Hehe, this made me chuckle.

Ha... I pissed meself laughing, I did!

Clopfic now? :rainbowhuh:

I feel like E.T. right now, OOOUCH:rainbowwild: poor Chrysy:twilightoops: there are more and more stories where you feel for the poor changling:twilightsheepish:

Big mistake in the first few words: its not 'Changeling Empire', it's


Edit: Changeling Swarm

Funnest story ever.:rainbowlaugh:

I can see this getting featured. :rainbowlaugh:

(EDIT: I tried not to laugh... fail.)

1975921, if I saw that, I would help all of them:rainbowkiss:

So is the next one Scootaloo asking discord? Hahahahaha :rainbowlaugh:


Discord looked out into the spanning plains of the Changeling Empire, drool threatening to leak between her mouth as he was consumed by the utter boredom. "I... I've never seen something so boring, Pippi Longstocking..." Discord marvelled at the land outside of the castle window, "By god... I think I'm actually growing dumber just looking at it..."

Your both wrong! Babies come from the stork. Place an order, and in six months... BAM! Baby on the doorstep.

Well, at least I can continue my day with a smile on my face after reading this. Bravo. Great story sir.

How in all nine circles of hell did Pipsqueak end up living with Chrysalis and Discord?:rainbowhuh:
Otherwise: FANTASTIC!

You do not disappoint.:rainbowkiss:

1976316 Read Know Your Mare... Turkey.

*is horribly sick*... *cough, cough* *laughs really hard* ARG it hurts!!!... but... but *cough* IT IS SO RICH!!!

WHY!!!... *cough* it hurts so mucht, but i can't stop to laugh!

*thum up+ fave*

That... XD This might be odd, but the part I liked best was all of Discord's nicknames for Little Pip. XD

... I need to read 'Know Your Mare' one of these days...

All I have to say is



Are you implying Discord can't change genders mid-conversation?

1977734 Well, he IS the god of chaos and uncertainty...

AAAAW chrysi is shy.
well done, the way she explained it was really not that bad.
but as soon as Discord was mentioned in the first paragraph i knew. I knew it would end up with Chrystalis in a very comprimising position.
now off to read "know your mare"

1976052 Is that so? Then where do the storks get the babies? (the Pixar answer does NOT count).

:rainbowhuh: I don't if I should barf in absolute disgust...or pass out from uncontrollable laughter. I mean it! This story is both sick and hilarious at the same time! Oui...

Oh god lawl.

I honestly pissed myself on this.:pinkiehappy:You should do more of these often!:raritystarry:

OH MY GOSH!!!! SHE DID IT!!!:pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Oh God... Oh God Why... I can't unread this..

It's great by the way. :pinkiecrazy:

that was sooo good. for some time the sex tag got me all like "whoa Pip don't go in there, you're too young and Chryssy probably got vagina dentata" but then everything ended good and hilarious.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! This story deserves five out of five moustaches.


Very good story. :rainbowlaugh: DIscord you trouble maker you.

(Quick question. Did you get the title from the Nostalgia Critic?:trixieshiftleft:)

1980558 No, it's just a play on the "Birds and the bees", or the sex talk. Bees being in my continuity similar to changelings, I just switched the two words.

They are always so cute and full of hope when they are small, how sad that sometime they grown into evil villains, what a disappointment.

Will this occurence be shown in They Grow Up...

1982949 It will be referenced.

Awesome. That is all.

BUWAHAHAHAHAHA:rainbowlaugh:HAHAHAHAH- Hold I just- :rainbowlaugh:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH- I have something intelligent to say and- :rainbowlaugh:HAHAHAAHAHAHA- Ok, no I don't- HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Absolutely brilliant!

I was worried when I first came to this page, what with the subject matter of this story and all.
Then I realized it's not the same thing as what I'm currently writing.
Therefore, I don't have to call you a mean name either, Flinx.
Everyone's happy.

*facepalms* Man when I saw the sex tag I was expecting something waaaaay worse XD

1981181 Actually, I meant the chapter title. 'You know...flowers.' The Nostalgia Critic makes a sex talk joke in Conan the Destroyer review and that's the final sentence. Give it a watch and see.

2002375 Oh yeah, that's where I got the joke from.

the "Swarm" is the race itself...and maybe the social structure
the "Empire" is the political structure, inhabited lands, and governmental organization (talk about a self-contradiction :derpytongue2:)

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