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This story is a sequel to The Birds and the Changelings

When a colt gets his answer to "where do babies come from?" he's fine. He doesn't need any more answers on the topic... Except when he gets pulled into another world. In that case, he wonders where human babies come from. But, by now the mom is burnt out on the question, and the dad didn't want to answer in the first place. So, it's up to someone native... The sister.

A companion piece to Know Your Mare.

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Oh god, that was hilarious! XD

I believe that situation is commonly as a "nope!"

:rainbowlaugh: Ow, my ribs are hurting. I shouldn't have read this at school, because now it's taking everything I have not to start laughing so hard I fall out of my chair. This is priceless!

Poor Sunset, dealing with a "too honest for his own good" little brother must be tiring

Can you finish "Are...These Magic Too?"

I’d prefer if you messaged me about that instead of commenting about it on an unrelated story.

... *facepalm* Add that to the long list of Sunset's mental scars.

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