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Someone who spends too much time playing games and not doing sht.


I go by many things. (As an Eevee. And a Goodra. But is currently Doing Shaymin stuff. Anyways!~ Tata for now~ :heart:
Currently Playing: Overwatch (PS4), Pokemon Sun (3DS) Lookin for a bud to play with? Hit me up ;3


It's almost time... · 4:14am Sep 11th, 2015

Almost time for something new. As in... new for Pokémon. A new game coming out soon. But not on your 3DS's. Oh no. On your phones, friends. Cause it's time to catch 'em all... In the real world. If you're still reading and wondering, well there's a new game called Pokémon GO! which will be on iPhone and Android devices. Er.. actually. Instead of running my mouth, I'll just show this.

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What time does the clock say? Lemme see...

4...3...2...1... SMASH!

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1661271 Ayup! And that's why Mega Beedrill is amazing.

1661161 Especially since choice item= no mega. xD

1660554 A risk is simply a risk, it either pays off well or it's a bad gamble. To be fair, trying to predict an opponent's move is also a risk, but it's almost necessary in some cases. True… for that case. Thankfully, Return's an option to absolutely destroy Gardevoir, and not using a Choice item really helps Lopunny's case.

1659719 Risks in championships tends not to pay off. Not to mention the possibility of a Pokemon who resists fighting (*Cough* Gardevoir *Cough Cough*) Yes they're both good but sometimes ya gotta take in to account the possible typing of opponents too.

1659295 I've only ever missed with it three times or so over the months I've had my Lopunny. And, apparently, despite having max Attack EVs and IVs (though with a Jolly nature), I've just barely missed a KO on too many Pokemon by using Return rather than High Jump Kick. So to me, the risk seems perfectly worth it.

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Heart of Steel: A mercenary from another dimension is sent to Equestria to apprehend fugitives that came from his world. But certainly not in the form he expected! Crossover with Pokémon.

A Million Miles Away: A group of Pokemon/People try to steal Arceus' Plates. Unfortunately, Darkrai (From PMD Dimension) tries to steal them as well. Afterwards, they're in a race against time to collect the plates and stop Darkrai. Crossover with Pokémon.

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