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I come from Latvia - a tiny country where everything is irrelevant. I play games and do art sometimes and my brain has turned into a dead brick for some strange reason.

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im alive...? · 4:41pm April 14th

hah hah oh WOW
I dont know what happened in that last blog
i think my frigen brain melted out of my ear, that was a something, i tell 'ya
holy shit. i dont think i've ever had a mental break like that one before, what an experience
i think you people call that 'going stir crazy' is that right?
sounds about right.

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dude, i LOVED the original! it was like... awesome... and like totally... and the squeal is finally here too! :pinkiegasp:

Thanks for the FAV on HitS part two!
Get ready for the feels.

We are watching you!

Hello, I was wondering if you could look back at my story again now that I fixed it.

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