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Author of the Tarnished Silver series. I write clopfics with too many emotions in them. My work is very niche, but my readers are a wonderfully enthusiastic bunch, so I must be doing something right.

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The description...it sounds... odd...
Scarily enough, it doesn't sound out of character either...

Edit: I read it. It was kind of unnerving though, considering my sister is preggors.

PS: Do Celestia and Pinkie ever do it together?

Pinkie as a whore? Don't see it.

...and now I'm curious what happened between Spike and Twist and what was up with Rarity... because I pay attention to that stuff...

Interesting concept and good execution too. I say good job. Indubitably!

I guess the author is trying to go with the Pinkie who tries her hardest to make everypony happy. You just gotta add a pony who uses this to get good time with Pinkie. I can see that happening, since we haven't seen any moment, where Pinkie would say no when it's up to making her friends smile. Different thing is how it would really be, and we can't go to Equestria and see it for ourselves, can we?

Now that I read a few lines of it..
Pinkie Pie doing _anything_ to make her friends smile could also translate to a [tragedy] [dark] - fiction

Words can't describe how great this fic was. bravo :moustache:

Aww yeah!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Me Reading Le Story: WTF (.)_(.) am i reading?

An interesting thought.

It's not too hard to believe there are people (ponies?) out there who feel this way about other people. Probably some of them are religious or have other reasons for not sharing themselves on such a level (Seriously, think about the kind of thing Mother Theresa spent her life doing and then ask if this is really more far-fetched or unusual of a way to spend your life.), but it's really not so far out there.

Honestly, I think that a person's emotional reaction to an idea like this says a lot more about them than their belief of how much sense it does or doesn't make.

Anyway, that's a lot of love in that Pinkie, and regardless whether it's in a strange way or one that makes sense, it's a kind of a beautiful way to express it. Especially considering what she does with the foals.

Well written, too, by the by.

Keep writing. :twilightsmile:

Thank you!

As for what is happening with Rarity, a story addressing this will be uploaded here very soon. Fair warning: it's VERY different in tone from this one. Not everyone will enjoy it.

It's quite an interesting thought! Pinkie has the advantage of living in a (mostly) happy and peaceful world where there are no STD's (well at least not in this story. That would ruin the fun) so I honestly think that this sort of behavior would be a logical extension of her life's mission of making everyone "smile, smile smile."

Are there people who would act like this in real life if they were similarly free of restraint? I have no doubt that there are. But since sex is riskier in our world, there's much more baggage to deal with. And if that person were female, she, like Pinkie, would almost certainly have to deal with being called a slut or whore. Which is a shame. :pinkiesad2:

I....FEEL...SAD :pinkiesad2: :fluttershysad: :raritycry: DALEKS CANNOT BE SAD MUST NOT BE. I CONQUER WORLDS SLAUGHTER ALL. AND YET :applecry:

Dr. Pinklove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Bon Bon

“It only hurts because we EXPECT it to hurt,” Mrs. Cake had told Twilight when she asked.

“No,” Twilight had countered, “it only hurts because there's A PONY COMING OUT OF YOUR VAGINA.”
Best dialogue ever!

I came into this story expecting a crazy clop fic, but what I got was a reasonable extension of Pinkie Pie, with all the self doubt and insecurities we see from the show. Good fic, greened thumbed. I hope what Spike did wasn't bad!


O_O is what you mean to say.
(.)_(.) is too close to ( . )( . ) , which is tits. ;p

826971 i know that but i cant remember why i did it like that :I


You know, I think fimfiction uses all of these :yay::rainbowwild::scootangel: so that no one ever misses sarcasm or playfulness in comments. However, its always nice to oppose the established norms of any group or society, and it keeps internet culture from stagnating, so I can fully condone using good ol' =D, 0_o, \(-.-)/, and (>^( *o*) instead of the new ones.


yeah i like to go back to roots sometimes :) but that doesnt mean i dont use the new shit :ajsmug: or whatever :moustache:

Okay so you wrote two stories with Rarity's deal being affronted, now do Spike and Twists thing and Pinkie and Celestia...
I command it.

I don't always read mature fics, but when I do, they have amazing meanings and let you know that sex isn't the point of this story. Except it sort of is, but at the same time, it really is more about love.
And that's awesome, so I got some prizes for awesomeness like that. You get a...a yellow star..and a green finger...and oh yeah! an eyeball! That one's my favorite.
I await the story with Twist and Spike...patiently...ever so patiently...
:heart: the use of mass background characters, by the way.

Great story with a wacky concept thumbed up vithout a doubt.

But it does raise some questions....
What happened with Spike and Twitht? :moustache::twistnerd:
Does Rarity get outed for her crimes? :raritydespair:
If so before or after destroying Silver? :duck:
And what of Sweetie? :unsuresweetie:
But of course the most importantly of all....
Does Celestia do the deed with Pinkie? :trollestia::pinkiehappy:

Thanks for reading! I will now provide vague, noncommittal answers to these questions, in order:

You'll find out very soon.
Not if she can help it.
It's a secret to everyone.
Her story is just beginning.
The Pinkie/Celestia thing was meant as a joke, but so many people want to see it that I might have to throw it in somewhere!

Well naturally I wasn't expecting an answer as that would ruin the end(?) of Rarity's wonderfully horrid and sadistic adventures.
But I can promise that I will eagerly keep an eye out for more installments of her tale to feed my insatiable lust.
That... That's what I um meant to say...

Umm... Well, to tell the truth, I skipped a fair bit of it. The pregnancy kinda turned me off, but Pinkie's "one word" kept me curious. And I have no idea what this issue with Rarity is, and I'm a bit worried to find out.
But I did like the emotional parts. Pinkie fearing she was just seen as a slut, Twilight being there for her, Lyra and Bon Bon's reaction... The so very in character PSes...
I can honestly imagine Pinkie like this, being so open because it makes everyone happy.

So yeah. Skipped the sex stuff, loved the emotional parts, still tied together well.

Wow. That almost made me cry. (During the Lyra & Bonbon part, of course.)

Oh look, another opportunity to use my new favorite gif!


i need that ho on my pay ro'

Woah, a birthgasm? Now I want someone to kick me in the balls, so I have a ballgasm.

I'm with Lemon, there are few things as sexy as a pregnant gal. This whole story made me smile, even the sad parts, well written is well written, and I enjoy it greatly.
Rarity is my fav, so I am a tad concerned, but Pinkie is a very close second, and I adore this take on her.
Thanks for the fun read... now make with the Celestia-Pie.
And you can put that Rarity thing... away for a while. Not sure I wanna know. :pinkiesad2:

If that's the case, you definitely don't want to read this writer's other stuff. It's all about Rarity and her weirdness. Good, though.

As for this story, not a big fan of the pregnancy content, but all the stuff after Pinkie delivers was really sweet and well constructed.

I want to go to her fuck party, naked

What about me, Pinkie Pie?

Her nickname should probably be Fucky Pie or Sexy Pie

at the start of the story i noticed somepony asked pinkie how she could be such a free spirit. i honestly don't get why people ask that. it's kinda easier then then what some make it out to be.

It depends on the person, I think. It comes naturally to some (like Pinkie) but can be very difficult for others. And even Pinkie has problems keeping that cheerful attitude up sometimes, as seen in this story (and on the show occasionally.)

You, Author... you are one weird monkey.

However, I would be somewhat disappointed if FIMfiction didn't have every shade and colour of story within it.
Light and dark, good, bad, and weird. Everything has its place, because that's what true harmony means.

Keep on writing.:)

This story is awesome! :pinkiehappy: It really fits Pinkie, and I guess her ability to warp physics helps with the stretchiness.
And I am relieved. Back when I had only read the descriptions of your stories I was afraid Pinkie would bake the little ones into cupcakes. 'Baby Cakes' :pinkiecrazy:
784824 Come to think of it, Pinkie would make a scarily good assassin.


And I am relieved. Back when I had only read the descriptions of your stories I was afraid Pinkie would bake the little ones into cupcakes.

Oh, dear. :applejackconfused: I'm not sure how you got that impression. While my stories certainly have a lot of weird and objectionable content, I'm not a fan of gore, pony killing, or any of the other stuff that made Cupcakes famous.

Having said that, knowing this fandom I would not be surprised if someone had already written a fic where Pinkie gets preggers in order to grow her very own cupcake ingredients. "Cupcakes in the Oven," you could call it. :pinkiecrazy: Oh god, why are we even discussing this. :twilightoops:

Holy buck! Pinkie's gonna burst the next time she's near delivery (a certain scene from AVP2 comes into mind).
I enjoyed the read, have a fave :pinkiehappy:

Oh man, it's been far too long since I got an "OH HELL NO" comment on one of my stories. Brings back memories. :pinkiehappy:

1878080 well...I am certainly not a fan of Pinkie Pie clop,I do like the tarnished silver series :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

this is cute, well written and funny.
Birthgasm... a word that only pinkie could give birth to.
the part on Twilight and pinkie, the sweetness of pinkie giving a foal to who can't make one on their own :heart:

Good, just good!!! :raritystarry:

To put my thoughts all into one word..... Perfect. This isnt a clopfic, at least not in hpw i veiw a clopfic. Your normal clopfic is all about taking the ponies and making them do and say things they really wouldnt say or do for our own pleasure. Not so with this. I am a devout pinkie pie lover, and i can honestly say that that is pinkie pie. Yes a more mature pinky pie, but thats the point, shes still herself, not what we make her into. I give this clop a hundred times ten to the hunderedth power out of ten(thats a google btw).

Well, I must say, this...was good. I walked in expecting clip, left quite satisfied by the writing and overall idea. I'll figure out a way to put this story on my profile page too.
Reaction timeline: :coolphoto::rainbowhuh::twilightblush::rainbowderp::pinkiesad2::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:
I think that'll tell you how I felt

Such a cute fic. Btw what exactly did Rarity supposedly do? They never did say what she did.

The line about Rarity is a reference to my other fics, which are all connected. If you're interested, go to my user page for the reading order.

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