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Because "fantasy erotica" sounds better than "cartoon horse porn."

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NIce, though Dinky being rebellious seems unimaginable for me. Noteworthy needs more stories, maybe a sequel with Sparkler and a anti-pregnancy spell?:raritywink:

Derpy reached up to the back of the couch and pulled a hoof-knitted blanket down over him. "Don't let Dinky see you like that! She hasn't had the talk yet."

She turned around, raised her tail at him, revealing her dripping wet pussy and still-tightly-puckered asshole, along with the winking clit, and trotted to the hallway bathroom.

"Dinky, are you trying to kill me?" he muttered, looking down at his forlorn poner, before pulling the blanket tighter around himself.

Don't you mean Derpy?

"Stop for a second and I'll blow your mind."


Made me think of half life


Don't you mean Derpy?

No, he's blaming Dinky for the interruptions.

Ah, I see. The fact that they just talk about it doesn't really point it out to me.

I think Dinky might have been an unwitting cockblock at the time, so it applies, I think. "Stahp" was linguistic license by the author. A very cute, if erotic story.
Loved it...:derpyderp1:

I agree, I just had to think of Half-life as the scientists use that as well

This story was a delight to read from beginning to end. It's sometimes difficult to find that just right blend of humor, romance, and light-hearted sexual fun in a story. Kudos to you, good sir. I'll be looking forward to the next story!


Thanks! If I can find good cover art, I might write younger Noteworthy's experience with the doe exotic dancer...

That's definitely got some sequel potential. Either that, or another round with Derpy and Noteworthy again, if in different scenarios/situations.


I second the motion for the NoteDoe story.

Ain't enough clop of other races on this site.

~Skeeter The Lurker



I suppose I could commission artwork if all else failed...

:derpytongue2: yepper

:duck: good for you

:derpyderp1: beats dragon fire


:facehoof: he was washing crystal walls for a week

:moustache: I love the smell of napalm in the morning

:raritywink: It smells of victory

:derpyderp2: and you didn't find a single dink body

:pinkiegasp: poor dinks

:flutterrage:SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE!

I couldn't really fap to this, but that was because it was so cute I couldn't stop smiling.

That was wonderful.:heart:

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Well that's was good, glad that suggestion helped a tad. Thought now next Sunday confession is gunna be awkward when I gotta explain wtf I just read.

I honestly had no clue what to expect with this one, but boy am I glad I decided to give it a read. You really took these characters, built them up, and made them your own in an extremely convincing from start to finish. It's always nice to see backgrounders really given life in ways you've never seen before, and you did just that. The dialogue alone was better than most comedy shows today, and you topped that off with pretty impressive descriptions. Amazing job, absolutely amazing.

"Sparkler!" Derpy yelled, smashing her now-red face into the padded arm of the couch. "Don't finish that sentence or you'll kill your mother."

"Please don't sleep with Sparkler when she turns eighteen."

Pfffffft! :rainbowlaugh: I had to bring these two beauties up. I almost woke up family members trying to not burst out laughing at these.

"The exciting after-dark life of Ponyville's poorest single mother won't appall you?"

If Noteworthy's got any sense, she won't be able to say that single part for much longer. :raritywink:


Thanks! Dinky was lots of fun to write, in particular. I based her on real six year olds I know.

This is wholesome

Wholesome porn, It's an underserved demographic around here.

Makes you feel good and feel good

A clopfic I utterly failed to clop to, yet was left with a warm, fuzzy feeling and a smile. Being a single parent is hard, and Derpy being portrayed as a smart mare that had a good handle on her household was amazing. And we sll know Noteworthy would make for a nice couple with her.


My goal was to write a good fic, that contained clop, rather than a clopfic. I appreciate your feedback!

You did well. This was a very wholesome sort of porn. Mature without trying too hard to be so. Well done.

A cute story and the clop was good too.

Reminds me a bit of this Garfield comic, images.ucomics.com/comics/ga/1984/ga840916.gif ,with the whole world interrupting your private time.

Most excellent.




Thanks! I appreciate it.

Thank you! I appreciate the kind words.

Pretty nice story, nice buildup, and well, pretty wholesome to boot.

Good stuff, hope to see more from you!

It's tough being a single mom of two. But Derpy manages quite admirably.

Teasing. Lots of teasing. Ah the livelihood of being a parent and yet wanting to get bucked.
Great piece. Entertaining, Endearing, and most of all, hot.


Isn't her name Muffins now?
They should really change that tag.

Its Muffin for legal reasons, but the entire fandom agrees its Derpy

lol Great story!

This was quite cute especially the ending, hot too. I really liked it. :heart:

This was funny, sexy and real! Love the story, and every character in it!:pinkiehappy:

Great job!:moustache: 10/10!



Thank you very much!!

Wholesome, funny, painful, fun, annul (not exactly my cup of tea), more discomfort, wholesome again.

9/10, would read again...
will read again.

Actually, not legal reasons, it's just to get the idiots to shut up.

Nah, they just name someone stupid or ridiculous. (Meaning of derpy)
They would never hear the end of it

"Please don't tell mommy I said I peed in the bathtub."

No one ever wants to admit it, but I'm pretty sure everyone pees in the bath tub. (Some more than others, though.)

I don't think she ever really had an official name. I'm pretty sure "Derpi", "Muffins", and "Ditzy" were all names given by different fans, likely on different sites and/or at different times. Of course, I cold be wrong.

Derpy and Ditzy were names given to by the fandom when she was just a background character. Muffin is the Official name given by the actual writers. This was given in the credits of the 100 episode "Slice of life"

Funny, slightly sexy, but mostly funny.

A lot of funny lines at the end.

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