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The White Unicorn is a legendary hero; a hero that Vinyl is very proud of. The Mistress Strings is a villain, and everyone hates her. When Octavia and Vinyl learn some new things about these legendary rivals, they begin to question everything, even friendship.

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Yup. Only so many ways this can go wrong.

Hmm pretty good read sofar (for first story yeh?), have a like :twilightsmile:

This is amazing! Reading the rest of the chapters,hope to see more!
:heart: Sliv3r

Thanks XD

Thanks! I'll be sure to keep up the pace :scootangel:

Well, I have to admit that this is the first time I've read about a team of superheroes whodoesn't know each others identities. An I'm not sure if I like it really. Otherwise it's an ok story.


The only secret identities are between Vinyl and Octavia, Vinyl knows her teams identities.

It might get a bit confusing with the Arcade scene, but they can't refer to the heroes as themselves, because no one else knows their identities. It's a bit tricky who knows who, but the Party Squad know who they are, but pretend they're just superhero fans. :rainbowhuh:

.... really difficult to explain :rainbowderp:

5992006 So everyone important knows who Octavia is... Except Vinyl?


No one knows that Octavia is even involved with the superhero/supervillain thing (which is actually pretty big and I will be fleshing out in sequels.

As far as Neon, Derpy, Pinkie, and Vinyl know, Octavia is just another citizen. And to her, those four are friends. Vinyl being her closest friend.

Villains don't know the identities of heroes, and vice versa in this universe. And sometimes heroes down't know the identities of other heroes.

5992036 I hope Mrs. Strings isn't really bad. SO UP FOR THIS ROMANCE!

This is a pain to read :applecry:but It was god :pinkiesad2:

i feel like you missed a chapter of one of them being angry at the other also you would think Octavia be scared that Vinyl knows her knows who and if she hates her


Well all of that will be summed up in the sequel, so I left some room there for more work to be done. This was much more action than anything else, the romance and some more issues will be going on.

Also I do agree it felt a bit disorganized when I wrote this. :twilightblush:

6007637 ok

good luck with the rest of it X3

1949? How?


That was the time that superheroes were starting, and I wanted their tech to be really advanced in comparison to the rest of their world so I set it in that year instead of say, 2015 where I don't know the limit of our technology. :moustache:

Gambit can't teleport so I don't see the similarities.


She was a mix of a few more heroes, but her personality and her moves are based a lot on him, it would be easier if I had something to draw this out as a comic on. :applecry:

Also, I don't keep up with common heroes, I could have sworn he had that power? :trixieshiftright:

Get on the phone, I want head of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S protection on this at once!

Get on the phone, I want the head of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S protection on this at once!

It didn't need to be mention or thought about again.

It didn't need to be mentioned or thought about again.

and she her face said that she wasn't going to go down easy.

and her face said that she wasn't going to go down easy.

Looks like you lost your footing their pal.

Looks like you lost your footing there pal.

All you do is take those people love and force them to love you!

All you do is take those people's love and force them to love you!

near the fountain a goo fifty feet away

near the fountain of goo fifty feet away

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