This is an Interquel of Seven Days in Sunny June, Book I

Spring Break has come to Canterlot, but in the wake of the Vibe incident, there's little joy to be had this period. For Derpy Hooves, it's dealing with the guilt of not protecting her best friend, Carrot Top; and for Noteworthy, it's the guilt of having been peripherally involved in the whole affair to begin with...as well as trying to win the heart of Minuette, a victim of the whole incident.

Will these two find a way to break through their problems?

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Well THAT wasn't what I was expecting at all.

5576623 Noooooooooooo. I was just pointing out I wasn't expecting this story to be continued any further, that was all. :/

So you're saying I should just set it to complete and leave as is?

*slowly claps* Yeah...Ultron most definately approves.

5576658 Uh, no? How could you get that from what I said at all? o.O

5576701 Eh, sorry if it came out that way. Didn't mean it to at all. 7DSJ is my favourite set of stories on the website, and I like virtually everything that comes out from it. I just... wasn't expecting this, is all. Still good, of course! :heart:

So you're saying there's parts of 7DSJ you don't like? :raritycry::raritydespair:

Shinzakura... enacting rarity levels of drama since... well now I guess.

Getting ready to burry my head into yet another 7DSJ fic... thanks so much for uploading, and again, for creating such great AU for Sunny and the rest.

well done.
face it your stalling for AAG

No, this is the result of a challenge. Has nothing to do with AAG.

Why would he need to stall for AAG? It's not like it didn't take months between updates anyway.:trollestia:

Ok then here's a challenge
Human Enstine bridge intercepts twilight's portal sunset and twilight are in pony form .twilight defers to sunset shimmer as the "human expert" sunset then uses every cheap sci fi cliche as a reference as they try to get back so Sunsetand maintain sunset's cover.

just kidding, but seriously I think this could make a cute one shot .
nacho brony you up for it?

can't I whine about my favorite with out releasing the cybernetic weasel squad

Not when the Superbowl was as epic as it was tonight.

yes congrats to the Pats Honestly my teamwas out of the fight so go pats!

now to sleep I have swat training in the AM

Oh boy. This gone be one of those tragic escalation of errors, ain't it?

Not only do I not know what an "interquel" is, I lack the time to read the 59 chapters of prequels to this story's interquel. Can someone fill me in on the 7dsj universe?

An Interquel (also called a Midquel, Sidestory or Gaiden) is a story that takes place during the point of the larger one. So if you're going to read this, you're going to need to have read Seven Days in Sunny June, Book I. Though given your response, that tells me you're an "instant gratification" sort of person, so this story (and the others) may not be for you.

This was a really good start to this new fic! I loved book one of 7DSJ, (I still need to catch up on the rest.:twilightsheepish:) I'm highly interrested in seeing how this turns out, great work as usual Shinzakura!:pinkiehappy:

Really, REALLY looking forward to new chapters of this, and of Book III.

Seriously Shinzakura, you've knocked FoE and PH off of their spots as my two favorite MLP fics.

Please refresh my memory: if Noteworthy wasn´t a participant in the rape orgies...what did he gain from the Club in exchange of his complicity?

5580437 He didn't get busted by the cops in exchange for his testimony. The fact that he knew and was close to some members of The Club may have been grounds for him being an acessory to the whole thing or something along those lines, I don't know, since I'm not aware if you can be charged for that, and we don't know to what extent Noteworthy was involved. At least that's what I think.

Sorry, I was on my phone at the time and thought I clicked on 5583001. In any case, what 5580763 said is correct, with a few addendums:

1. California state law specifies that because Noteworthy did not report any of it the moment it came out, not only is he an accessory, but he's also guilty of conspiracy.
2. He was also pressured into remaining, and possibly even to use some himself (likely on Minuette.) As you can see, that didn't happen, but had they not been caught, would he eventually have given in?

There's also a third thought, which comes from TVTropes, which I'll paste here:

Fridge Horror:
Questionable Consent: Given the effects of the Vibe, how many relationships in the months the drug was in use were true relationships?
Worse: How many of the members of The Club, accused of being people who used the drug on others, might have had it used on them with the express idea to give Blueblood and Flash cover support?
Take it one step further: How many non-Club people had it used on them or in their name to frame them?


In Noteworthy´s defense, he sent a message to Minuette confesing his involvement with the Club (thus alerting Sunset of the whole thing) rather than giving in the temptation or waiting to be caught.

Which was probably taken into account...and why he's not behind bars, expelled or any of the other stuff that could've happened.

I will forewarn you all now that if you're expecting shiny happy people (or even shiny happy Derpy), that's not going to happen.

Don't worry, I stopped expecting happy people in your stories years ago! :trollestia: Yet I still keep coming back. I wish I could quit you! :raritydespair:

5583976 2 things.

1. THat third fridge horror idea was mine. I remember putting on the site myself.

2. Did you change your profile? It looks like G3.5 Sweetie Belle.

It's not that I would have to read SDSJ, but that in order to read that I would have to read two other fics that it serves as a sequel to, the two of which have 53 chapters total.

On average, those chapters are maybe half as long as the average 7DSJ Chapter.

DIdn't Carrot Top appear in the last chapter of 7DSJ? Kind of loses the drama when you know she'll survive. Though I guess seeing how she recovered would be a good story.

Wow, you weren't joking with the dark tag here.:rainbowderp: Just daaaaaaaamn with a lot of the stuff that happened here.

In re the Keying of Wildfire's Mother's Car: I really hope at some point the kids who did it get fully prosecuted. If Her mother is anything like the fandom personality for Sibsy's OC, she is likely LIVID.

Comment posted by Raistlin deleted Feb 12th, 2015


Question 1: where is Flash? isn´t he supposed to be married with Blossomforth and helping her to raise the baby (willingly or not)?
Question 2: I´m surprised a product like the Vibe, which can turn anyone into a obedient zombie, hasn´t been used yet by criminal/terrorist organizations to do things like making people giving "wilingly" relevant information like their accounts, or create one-use hitmans or bomb men martyrs... instead of petty rape clubs.

As Blossom says later in the main Book I, he's shown zero interest, which likely means Flash's parents don't give much of a damn either.

As for other organizations using the Vibe, it's possible (likely probable) but that's not within the scope of the story.

Shit, I just remembered. The last chapter of Book 1 of 7DSJ stated that The Vibe is supposed to have LSD precursors, and can cause hallucinations.Then again, Just because the effects are like magic doesn't mean magic should be ruled out.

5618948 Nice job with it and really good how you interpreted Derpy there.:twilightsmile:

Derpy winked. “Maybe there’s some sort of alternate universe where I’m your mother instead of your sister?”
“Yeah, right – like that would ever happen,” the girl said.

It's nice to see an in-joke or two in the middle of the heavy stuff.

Finally got around to reading this one, and reading through it I find myself struck by a sense of deja vu. I mean the plot is about a character who made some bad choices in the past but is trying to put their life back together with the help of their friends/family all the while dealing with people who aren't willing to forgive and forget, which the same plot that happened to Sunset Shimmer Shimmer at the start of sdosj. Now that's not to say this story is identical, most notably Noteworthy is a very different lead from Sunset, and I'm not saying its bad, but with these first two chapters my biggest impression was one of similarities.

Impressive, Shin! I don't have the kind of skill to write two stories at once, much less stories of this high caliber. You truly are quite the skilled author!

Also re-reading this story is making me want to go code again. As in, my IDE is booting up as I type this. Therefore any video games I make are 74% your fault. :derpytongue2:

If the story doesn't go into it (or in case I missed it) I'd just want to ask: Considering Noteworthy, "never partook in any of the club's wares" as he put it. How exactly did he become part of the club? Was he invited by Flash to a meeting before he realized what the club was about and couldn't just back out by that point? I could see Blueblood making it clear that if any of the boys squealed he'd make them regret it.

I'm asking because I'm working on the TvTropes Character Sheet for 7DSJ. I want to know if I should put Peer Pressure Makes You Evil under Noteworthy.

Speaking of Flash will we be seeing more of him? I can't help but imagine him and Noteworthy having a confrontation at some point given it was Noteworthy who blew the whistle and tip off Sunset.

They probably convinced him at first there was a way to win Minuette's heart, but when he realized what was going to, they held him in place with a threat that now that he knew, he was going to jail as well.

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