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A directory to stories that actually try to involve real emotion instead of just jumping right into the sexy stuff. Any "ship" is allowed! OCs are also welcome. If it's REALLY good, I'll allow humans in Equestria stories.

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hmm, i have one to add, but there might be a few complications. 1, it still hasng gotten to the clop yet, but its in the plan. 2, i dont know how good it would be considered. and 3, does "human in equestria" count if it in the human world, end up i equestria later, while others take place i the pony universe, but another world altogether?

Without romance or a story, clop is nothing to me. I cannot look at a great piece of hot pony art and not come up with a story around it if I expect it to arouse me.
I currently have a 70K + AppleSpark ship that will probably top out at 2-300K before it's done.
It has it's share of clop and will have more. I truly feel that to write a romance about the ponies, there has to be sex. They are incredibly sexy beings, face it and their personalities are so complex and so strong that to pretend that they don't have sex or to draw the curtain on it, is a shame. Just as long as you mention it in the authors notes and flag it as mature. You don't like it, don't read it.

To the Admins,

Sorry folks, gaffed and linked the wrong story.:facehoof:

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