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Because "fantasy erotica" sounds better than "cartoon horse porn."

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Cutie marks are erogenous zones? Oh my.


I didn't know the new Borat movie was a cartoon :pinkiecrazy:

"[...]look the other direction and think of Abyssinia."

LOL, this is fun

THis was awful, awful, awful. You are a terrible pony. I think i love you.

"Tigers love to swim."

"They ain't real cats."

Say that to my face, pussy :flutterrage:

What did I just read???:twilightoops:
And why did I find it so amusing?? :rainbowlaugh:
This was a good one!

Dash thinks the danger of a UTI is bad, just wait till those cat bites get infected, because they always do.


That'd also be when she learns of her cat allergy, too.

~Skeeter The Lurker

loved it, nice piece of funny erotica. best regards, darkbroney666

His chest was pressed against her lower back, and her body shivered as she finished with a last trickle. His brain spluttered.

When the sex is so good you have a fucking seizure lmao

Nice clopfic

Cute and hehe interesting paring

Excellent interspecies clop, with A+ awkwardness and species differences. :twilightblush:

Big thanks! Definitely what I was aiming for.

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