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An out-of-work Tempest Shadow has opened an eye clinic near Ponyville. Nopony is sure if the doctorate hanging in her office is official or why her retinoscope features under-barrel attachment points. And most can agree that it’s best not to ask where she got a permit to perform retinal cryopexy.

Still, she seems to know what she’s doing, and all licenses to practice appear to have been filed using the correct format and proper guidelines. That makes everything okay. Right?

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hahahahaha, this was hilarious!

This was the best kind of terrible.

Still, she seems to know what she’s doing, and all licenses to practice appear to have been filed using the correct format and proper guidelines. That makes everything okay. Right?

All filled out by Twilight, because not even Human doctors can do that right...why do you people think nursing exist as a profession?

Iris blinked rapidly and dabbed moisture from her coat. "Well, I can see a little more clearly now that the pain is gone."

... damit, how many other musical puns did I miss before this one?

Wow fizzlepop got a job as an eye doctor that is very interesting and very concerning lol

Nice story, good comedy, and a nice song. Everything I like in a book.

My first reaction to reading “Open your eyes” is to think of the horror game “Don’t Open Your Eyes”, now this will be the second thing I think of.

This was the most semi-crazy thing I've ever seen. Tempest... an eye doctor? Ooh boy, I can see the complaints running in from all over Equestria.

Iris squinted out of her left eye at the chart that hung three meters away and opened her mouth, but then she paused, her ears flicking. From some unseen source came low notes from what sounded like stringed and brass instruments.
"Is...is that music?" She glanced around the hall. "Where is that even coming from?" Iris took a step backward when her glances settled on the form of Tempest as the unicorn advanced, one step at a time in tune with the growing music.

If she lives in Ponyville, she should be used to random musical numbers by now...

"The Town Hall clock tower again?"
"Yes, ma'am."

At least it isn't the water tower this time.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.


Tempest Shadow is best ophthalmologist!

I just saw this and laughed my ass off. Haven't read it yet.

Ok, so the eye chart alone is worthy of an upvote. But the rest is spectacular as well.

Got to admit, not a concept I saw coming, but executed brilliantly. Didn't stop smiling throughout.

*Tempest reaches for clamps to force Capper's eyes open*

This story put a smile on my face, I needed that.

I was not expecting Tempest's zap-horn to be a form of lasic surgery. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, this picture:

Obligatory post:

Also, oh my god, it's about time someone wrote this!

Well, that happened.

Started off with a Zoolander reference and only got better from there. Loved the story!

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Wish there was a Reply All function, but I think I got everyone. I'm really happy y'all enjoyed this little bit of random, and thanks for all the kind words. Y'all really cheered up the weekend for me!

That was hella funny, especially the alternate lyrics :rainbowlaugh:
Well deserved upvote !!

I laughed when Tempest started singing
I laughed harder then I see there's a picture of the chart.
I laughed even harder when I noticed what's written on the chart.

"Miss Iris, you appear to have difficulty with depth perception."

"I do?" A flash of inspiration crossed her face. "Would that explain why my coltfriend seems so shallow?"


Yes, a thousand times, yes. This made me laugh more than once, and I'd say that the eye chart combined with the musical number is both incredibly strange and hilarious. Nice job! :pinkiesmile:

"The Town Hall clock tower again?"
"Yes, ma'am."

Poor Derpy... those things aren't the greatest structures to crash into, especially if it's about to change hours.

Loved the puns, as well as the ending. The eye chart was a nice touch as well. :rainbowlaugh: Thanks for the laughs, have a fave!

i really enjoyed this!

Soo good I have to read it again!!!

Seated in the corner of the waiting area, a gamboge brown Abyssinian in a dark red coat slowly rose from his seat. Quietly, he set aside the dusty issue of Highlights he had been skimming. With his green eyes darting from Tempest to the exit, he crept towards the door with careful steps.

Hell yeah! I loved that waiting room magazine when i was little!:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

"Now," Tempest continued as she dragged the pouting feline into the first examination room. "Let's see if maybe your eyesight was to blame when you pointed me in the direction of Black Skull Island when clearly the airship I wanted to go after was heading in the opposite direction, shall we?"

Revenge is best done with an eye exam. :pinkiecrazy:

To be fair, Capper couldn't have known which airship Twilight hired or stowed away on.

Good story!:twilightsmile:
I could perfectly hear Tempest singing her eye chart song.

Brilliant one shot i can see here. This view of the character was opening my vision of potencial toward the close and far future. Hope for a sequel wirh Capper? :derpytongue2:

Many thanks. I’ve a larger project being edited so I hadn’t planned on doing anything else with this, but you never know.

HAHAHA🤣 she would!

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