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Because "fantasy erotica" sounds better than "cartoon horse porn."

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Well, having read it all, I have to say it's pretty good (but your stuff generally is). Given your warning I went in thinking the power dynamics were going to be a bit more obvious than they were, so nice job keeping it subtle and leaving it open to interpretation how much he was grooming her versus simply taking advantage of her when she herself opened up about it.

It's also pretty clear what you like in the pure clop sections, but fortunately I like those things too :p

I suppose a fireproof dildo would be quite valuable to a group of Kirin maidens, haha.

Thanks! Appreciate the read and glad you enjoyed!

Definitely a great origin story, and I laughed at the 'wand' for a bit also :rainbowlaugh:
The lead up to the main event was very well written, I love when a lot of context is provided.

Hey big thanks, appreciated! Glad you enjoyed.

Not bad at all. Quite fun, actually. The Temple stuff was a bit more enjoyable than the clop for me. I liked that Cabelleron wasn't outwardly antagonistic to Daring. His trying to help her after the fight was good development. I wouldn't mind a further exploration of this dynamic across Daring's career. Was there a moment when he finally accepted his role as a villain? Or does he regret what they've come to?

I wonder if this is how Indy and Belloq's story began as well...


You know what? Let's not go down that road.

Thanks for reading and for the comment!

I'm pondering what else to do with this Daring, and I hope to think of something good.

Given what Jones is like in the current day, he absolutely experimented in college.

The things Belloq and Marion must've shared over that bottle...

"Did he want to be tied up with the whip?"

"Oh my God, every night with the whip!"

Fantastic story.

Ticks a ton of my boxes, and to be honest with you I really didn't see any need for the disclaimer about power dynamics in the relationship.

The sex scenes were really great, and I really liked the world building.

Most of all, I loved Daring's infatuation with Cab's junk. One of my biggest kinks.

You have a ton of promise and I can't wait to read more from you.


Big thanks, glad you enjoyed! Always appreciate that you took the comment, too.

Author's Note:
I live for comments!

I comment for life! Lol. Too bad no one seems to have replied on this chapter, but at least this bad joke of a comment has rectified that.

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