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Memory. Memory is one of the most crucial elements of life to the point we do everything we can to commemorate it and preserve it by every means possible. Calendars and holidays, journals and books, old myths and legends. Ponies employ these means to keep their memories close and able to be recalled, to try and never forget. It's never really questioned, only accepted that everypony, even the deities of Equestria, forget. But buried away, sometimes, the question still persists: why? Why do we forget?

Twilight stumbles upon the answer one day. Nothing prepared her for the answer to talk back.

A first foray into horror/suspense writing. Written in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween holiday. Proofread by NotaPonyPerson, Speculore, and SweetBanana.

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As someone who lives with a grandparent suffering from Altheimerz, this is absolutely horrifying.

My thanks for your help in making this story work! I only hope others get a similar spook from it.

Horror's subjective by nature. But no one wants a life knowing they won't be able to recall who they are.

Excellent work! It takes great tallent to take small, everyday annoyances and turn them into a cosmic horror event. My only critique is the fact nopony else noticed the creatures, or Delirium. They would have to be constantly eating the memories of ponies over and over to avoid being noticed, depending on how busy the place us.

You do a great job of giving just enough description for our imaginations to fill in the gaps, creating truly horrifying eldritch beings. That said, because I'm currently obsessed with Hollow Knight, this is how I picture Delirium:

Thank you very much! The idea I ran with was that Delirium has enough practice and power as who he is that he renders himself entirely blank to anypony else's existence. Twilight manages to breach through the illusion due to her magic making the connection between her and the Recollector chasing her. To everyone else though, he is like a glitch in their reality, unable to be seen unless you experience things the way Twilight did.

I admit I did not really draw inspiration for anything in designing Delirium, but that design there is pretty close!

That was marvelous, I especially approve of Deliriums idealism in forgetting, and destroying Twilight's preaches about the power of friendship and learning from the darkness...

Foolish creature still doesn't get that life isn't always lollipops, puppies and rainbows. She needs to learn and understand, there is darkness and sometimes... IT WINS... friendship cannot help you. (It may even make things worse)

Still, good story

Interesting read. I missed the horror tag though. :facehoof: I wonder whether the Recollectors are hovering above us, waiting to seize our memories... Good work. :twilightsmile:

Local elder god throws a hissy fit because the mean alicorn told him his philosophy is pussy shit, more at 11

Well done. The terror of forgetting your identity and of what lurks where we cannot see are both fruitful inspirations to mine in horror. A bit dialogue-heavy, but I fully understand that temptation writing a psychological horror villain.

Say, are you familiar with the SCP Foundation? If so, have you ever read There Is No Antimemetics Division by qntm? I suspect you would like it, since it explores a lot of similar concepts.

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