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So little is remembered about the days of Ancient Equestria. Now, with the magic of friendship restored, the curiosity of Sunny Starscout sets her eyes upon a strange old journal among her late father's belongings.

"The Daylight Horror" by Twilight Sparkle. Between those pages, Sunny discovers a harrowing tale, suggesting that the late Princess Twilight was quite the versatile horror writer.

After all, it is just a creepy story... isn't it?

Content Warnings: Disease, Implied Violence, moderate domestic abuse

Inspired by (but not a direct crossover with) Hollow Knight.

Edit: Made the feature box! 25/10/2021
Edit 2: Now with an audio reading!

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Wow, that was spooky! I loved it, the story played out very well and the ways the effects of the infection happened in equestria were well though out!

Thank you! I had a great reference with the Radiance's infection in Hollow Knight. All I had to do was explore how it would develop, and keep the pacing just right.

will there possibly be a sequel to this?

I don't have one planned, but you never know!

Dang. That’s one way for Equestria to fall. The legion of doom didn’t even have to do anything! I thought Luna could enter and fight the Radiance as she is essentially is a living Dream Nail. Guess Celestia got infected too?

Still, whatever the magic the Radiance is using mustn’t have been equestrian if it still showed up before the latter’s restoration. Makes sense as a big factor for the Radiance to return is for its victims to know of its existence. Sunny opened the floodgates by reading the journal. The same thing must have happened to Argyle when he came across that same journal.

Sunny is pretty much screwed unless she manages to find a certain little black ghost.

I decided to omit a few details about the Radiance from HK to add to the overall mystery. I felt it'd be scarier if the Radiance somehow blocked Luna's dreamwalking abilities. Though I won't rule out dream nails introduced in a future crossover! I love HK lore, and absolutely want to explore it in the context of an MLP fic when there's less time pressure.

Damm as a huge HK fan this iis really cool.
I much prefer crossovers like this then X character but in MLP or whatever.
Nice job all around


I may do a full cross-over in future. I just decided that there wasn't enough time to develop a full-blown cross-over in time for Halloween.

An intriguing fic to say the least! I enjoyed it, even if I am not aware of the lore behind Hollow Night.
Very few minor grammatical mistakes here and there, and I'm not a big fan of leaving such an open ending.

Hopefully forgetting the curse was the actual cure? Maybe that's why Sunny wasn't affected? Is it a disease of the mind? If so, how was Izzy affected?

Anyways, a fun little read!

I feel that often, leaving ambiguity makes the horror that much more effective. I may expand on this in a sequel to make it a more direct HK crossover, but I don't have any plans for it yet.

Deep #11 · Oct 26th, 2021 · · 1 ·

Never heard of Hollow Knight before this, but WOW this story was good! Has to be in my top 10 I've ever read on this site.

So what exactly is the Radiance that Twi was referring to here? She implied in her journal that she recognized the name somehow.

In the context of this story, I deliberately kept it ambiguous for the sake of horror. But in Hollow Knight, the Radiance is a Higher Being that moths worshipped before the founding of Hollow Nest. I recommend watching Mossbag's video on the complete HK lore, he can explain what the Radiance is in better detail than I can.

god twilight should have discovered godmaster mode, could have cured your friends that way possibly /j

Interesting way to make a crossover, though my favorite aspect is the characters because I'm a heck, this translates the Radiance quite nicely into the world - but I would have loved to learn more about if this is a Radiance that came over from the HK world, or one that is from Equestria naturally - and if so, did the alicorns usurp their place as "gods"?

Anyway I have so many questions but even if this remains a one-shot without an expansion I love it.

Wow that was good! If yoy ever decide to continue the story I'll be all for it!

I don't understand what this was, but a great story.

I thought they were fungi zombies

In Hollow Knight, yes. Though I took some creative liberties for this story.

This was great! You did a fantastic job building up the dread and then the revelation that Sunny's dad was afflicted. I didn't get the Hollow Knight connection until it was pointed out, and I think that helped for the story; it was a good move not tagging it (assuming it has a tag).

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