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Because "fantasy erotica" sounds better than "cartoon horse porn."

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Very nice. Ponies and Humans are different. No way around that, so work though it!

Great job! On the explanation and the delivery!:moustache:

Yay! Big thanks!

Very nice and unexpectedly sweet!

Thank you very much! I usually try for "sweet."

It was impossible to try to explain monogamy to a pony. She slept with one or another of her friends a few times a week, and some random stallion at least once a month.

But there was a simple way to tell who a mare was in love with.

If she spent her estrus cycle with you, well, that's how a pony showed you that she loved you.

This. I like this. Not sure how to explain it, but it just sounds right.


Big thanks! I appreciate the words!

Great story I would love to see a sequel to this

Not a fan of the polyamory or the 'human' teasing, but this was hot and sweet. Also, I'd try using the Greek myth of soulmates to explain monogamy.




Big thanks! I appreciate the read and comments.

That was pretty good. Any chance of getting that threesome with Dash and Ratify?

Maybe, but I just wrote a RariShy threesome and I'm afraid my writing might be repetitive...

Fair enough, you don't have to rust to it. But think you could do a story with Pinkie at some point?

This looks a lot like JUDY'S outfit!

Rarity probably visited ZT for inspiration!

the picture being uncolored bothers me a bit, so i made a colored version, can i show it?

all credit still goes to Pabbles


I guess? I don't know the rules, honestly. I suppose you could DM Pabbles in derpi too.

Something that never ceases to amaze me is just how quietly a pony can move, when she's determined to sneak up on you. How can hooves on a hardwood floor be so silent? It's uncanny.

Hooves. How do they work!?

"Rarity's a genius." Human and pony fashions almost never translate back and forth—but that clothes horse is the one who has the skill to make it work.

Lewd skirts?

I actually was thinking about that one, yes.

yeah, i tried asking Pabbles, i didn't DM, i just asked on the artwork, didn't get a reply just yet to show it

You could make a whole world out of this. ANOTHER!

Yeah, but the flight suits are anti-sexy

Clearly we look at different fan art.

Sweet Celestia! That was hot as fuck!!

Quite enjoyable! (I meant reading it. Obviously they enjoyed it.)

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