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Because "fantasy erotica" sounds better than "cartoon horse porn."

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Fimfic may not be ready for this :trollestia:

The day fimfic is ready for me is the day I hang up my plushy Rarity and switch to Pokemon full time.

nice job on story

"No," Sunset replied, "no Equestrian species care about tits, but this is still a horrible idea."

"Aren't there minotaurs?"
"They don't work that way."
"I'm kinda both relieved and disappointed."

Twilight masturbated to the brochure and the pages were too sticky to separate

I have numerous questions.

"Bits have a good exchange rate to dollars," he said with a shrug. "Imported stuff's cheap."

Oof. Imagine the other way around. If pony Applejack ever found out what Whole Foods charges for Equestrian apples...

"Bad idea," Twilight said, pushing her glasses up her nose. "Dash's pubes are polychromatic and the therapist will have to pick multiple different lasers for each session. Actually, Dash, what color are the hairs on your anus? I've never noticed."

Twilight asking the real questions here.

But once he fills your fallopian tubes, too, you'll be good for sure.

I don't even have those and that got a horrified wince.

AJ and Trixie played dueling Animal Crossing on a pair of Nintendo Switches.

First to get from a new island to the first K.K. Slider concert?

This was indisputably a thing. A Sockthing. Perhaps even a Sockþing, convened to discuss the problems and opportunities of interdimensional sex tourism. Some truly hot moments in there amid the casual tomfoolery and borderline body horror, so I'm going to give it a "Thank you" on average.

I'd love a sequel where human Dash realizes she got pregnant from Glenn the Griffon and that after her encounter with him she can no longer get off or feel sexually pleased by any other creature except Griffons

Dashie doesn't look like she's blushing, she looks like she got sunburnt

Excellent clop good sir.

This entire chapter says "small petite girl tries GIANT Griffin dick" (gone wrong)
Also her vagina will be ruined after this

Also after this Glenn will have some explanation to do

11059050 It's honestly pretty hard to ruin a vagina. They're stretchy enough to take a baby, after all, with only minimal tearing—but they recover!

Majin Syeekoh

you have a rarity plush?


I don't even have those and that got a horrified wince.

I hope this is the first porn to ever (1) hit the feature box and (2) feature fallopian penetration. That would be rad.


you have a rarity plush?

A small one, a beanie baby. She sits judgmentally on my writing desk, judging me. I also have the Starlight and Trixie ride a rocket figurine on my writing desk.

Creatures on human girls is always hot, so it's nice to see this hit the feature box.:pinkiehappy:

Stretching doesn't necessarily protect you against stab wounds.


Not unless you consider "with a cat" to be doing sex very wrong. Seriously, the entire premise of the story is anatomically-accurate catdick.

Cat Facts™:

11059402 Right. The barbs on a feline dick are the same as those on their tongue (literally), so if getting licked by said griffon doesn't "stab" you, getting fucked by one wouldn't either.

I was being hyperbolic because it's a comedy story, but the overall point is that this is a qualitatively different situation from babies. This does give me a "Sockno" idea where someone decides they'd rather have the Abyssinian eat them out this time and that doesn't change a damn thing...

Also, getting licked by a griffon would probably be more stabby because they have bird bits on the front instead of cat bits.

Hmm, my writing exploits are judged by a Pinkie Pie plush. Not to mention a PinkieDash pillow.

Hey. You reached the featured box. Second from what I can see.

You can still show a fully nude Dash on the cover art. She just has to be hidden behind a conveniently placed bush in the foreground :raritywink:

This story really earned its Featured status.

"Alpaca alls its packa"


More of this plz

Dash pointed, her finger low. The griffon's cock swung underneath his torso as he stood bipedally to adjust his camera. Although flaccid, the member was as thick as Dash's fist and longer than her forearm. It's light-pink skin caught the reddening sunset. A pair of testicles the size of avocados hung low, almost to his knees, in a softly furred scrotum.

a pair of balls the size of Avocados, ho-hohoho-ly shit, and Avo's are NOT small, XDD

Oh ok I quite obviously know nothing about these sorts of things

That night, in the beach house, Glenn napped flat on his back on top of a sleeping Fluttershy, his head between her breasts, her hands cupped around his balls, the two of them reclined on a couch. Glenn's entire body matted was in cum and pussy juice and he smelled like a Las Vegas brothel on coupon day.

ewwwwwwww I DID NOT NEED TO KNOW THAT!! for real tho i bet he's as happy as a cum hungry cunt in a spermbank, XDD (you can thank Tearofgrace for that one, XD)

I stopped reading when Dash decided to warm up by hitting her G spot. That doesn't align with 'warm-up activities' in my experience, and makes it seem, at least, like you've read a bunch of porn without ever actually getting your hands on a woman.


Frankly, if that part bothered them, it's good that they quit before the fallopian penetration or locking penis, really.

Bravo Atomic!
I laughed several times, which, believe it or not, is high praise for clop.
This had the perfect mixture of porn, health class, and discovery channel back when they would teach you things. Right down to the laser technicality.
Where did you come up with this??

Glad you enjoyed!

Where did you come up with this??

This one's been over a year in production. I started with the idea "big griffon cock, tiny human vagina." Then I decided it had to be Dash—she's impulsive.

I wrote the framework but it wasn't working. Then I added Trixie as shit-stirrer and everything came together.

she noticed that Twilight's bush was completely unkempt; unsurprising, given how focused Twilight tended to be on anything but her appearance.

Wild bush is best bush.

Twilight meticulously shaved her own bush with an electric trimmer.


Also, I love the ponies' casual attitude towards public sex. That's always a fun take on ponies to play around with and I hope it ends up in more of your stories. Good stuff.

Trixie pulled the pussy-and-coconut oil soaked vibrator from her own pussy, stood, turned it to maximum, and crammed it deep under Glenn's tail. It hit his prostate and he screeched like a soaring hawk and unloaded into Dash.

first dash got stuffed then Glenn! BAHAHAHA!!!

11060356 The penetration has been doubled! :luna_raised_hoof:


Also, I love the ponies' casual attitude towards public sex. That's always a fun take on ponies to play around with

Thanks! Actually I had Writer Reasons™️ for that. I figured Dash would be too embarrassed/nervous to fuck in public, so I wrote the locals (ponies) being utterly nonchalant in order the break down her inhibitions. "When in Equestria, do as the Equestrians..."

Dash pointed to the lovemakers. "They're having sex on the beach, too. And in front of their foals."

Glenn ruffled his feathers again. "So? Creatures have sex. And the older foals are in the surf with their aunt and uncle, and the infant's asleep."

Their sex-ed lessons must be interesting (I wonder if Celestia just brought a griffon to Sunset for a "you definitely don't want to do this" demonstration").

Different culture has cultural differences.


I wonder if Celestia just brought a griffon to Sunset for a "you definitely don't want to do this" demonstration"

Sunset: "Why is he so blue?"
:trollestia: "Because we're discussing his dick and why he can't use it."

It didn't bother me per se, it just abused my suspension of disbelief, reducing my trust in the author. Like, if you had Dash do what she did but some of the girls expressed surprise that she warmed up with that, and she says she's really fast that way, that would have not given me any trouble at all.

Seriously Trixie, (With Dash's permission) Send that video to a science organization back on earth. This could be a Corberatone on "What, NOT" to do when screwing a griffin"

"I just light my farts," Pinkie said. "Poof! All gone."

Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Also, what the fuck did I just read?


Also, what the fuck did I just read?

Wait until you see my next one.

Comment posted by Farnham deleted Dec 17th, 2021

The return of Nurse Redheart!

Also I want Twilight's digital caliper readings that I hope she eventually got. For...research purposes?

Hahahahaahaaaaa yup.

I'm thinking about a Redheart's War side story where she boinks her husband in the breakroom, actually.

Well… Celestia is HUGE enough to be able to go for griffons ^^;;;

Comment posted by Just_another_reader deleted Nov 25th, 2021

I've been fairly horny recently so when looking at my overstuffed pencil case I instantly thought of this fic

That was fucking hilarious!!

This was a fun read, and then I got to...

"I just light my farts," Pinkie said. "Poof! All gone."

I'd like to go on record stating that having green tea enter your sinus cavity by surprised snort force isn't the most pleasant of sensations. 😆

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