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Heehee! Hi! I'm just your ordinary mare who enjoys a good story or two~ Mostly I write stories for my lovely Feather Dancer, but sometimes I'm willing to share with you guys. ;)

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will there be more chapters?


I agree, there should be more chapters, maybe where the girls that turned into Monster girls figure out how to change back to their human forms and then switch back and forth at will between forms, of course they could go through the portal to Equestria and become their pony selves and then go back through the portal to Human Equestria and could be returned to their normal human selves.

that is a good idea i wonder if the author will read that and think i should do that


Yeah that would be cool if the author did it, so you might try your hand at doing a fanfic where the girls are like the monster girls from Monster Musume, of course it would be cool to see the girls gain the ability to change back and forth between human and Monster girl forms.

that would be nice but sadly i am not the confident in my writing ability

We need more mlp mostergirl fics

I hope it will be more chapters. I also want to see how the new monster girls adapt to their new physical body.

How Applejack's horse body benefit her life at a farm?
How could Pinkie bake a cake with her slimy body?
How would Fluttershy's animals react to her new, threatening form? ( snake eat rabbit, right? )
Could Rainbow Dash perform a Sonic Rainboom now that she is technically harpy?
Would Rarity use her silk to produce her cloths?
What Twilight would look like when she go back to Equestria? (not sure what snake-pony hybrid would look like? a chimera, maybe?)

So.... Magical Mishap 8592 +Equestria Girls = Monster Musume crossover?


If this is based on the anime and manga, I think Fluttershy is a mermaid. Those scales fish scales and part of her smaller side fins like Mero in the manga.

Wow! I'm pleasantly surprised to see all of you so interested in the story! It's something I wrote a while ago as a commission so I didn't think anything of it at first! ^_^

But you'll be happy to know that I've talked to my loyal Patron follower and they've agreed to fund a continuation of the story with a new chapter released in a couple of months! Of course, if you want more chapters per month, consider supporting me on Patreon to get more monster girl content sooner. Hee hee!

Celestia and Luna’s chill reactions are awesome! I have to admit, this isn’t the direction I expected you to take this story in, but I’m not really that disappointed. :trixieshiftright:

It would be an interesting turn of events if rainbow dash and applejack were able to transform into their harpy and centaur forms at will given enough focus and applejack to able to either mentally or physically to horses in either form

I agree. It would be a really interesting if they could transform on their own... and I hope it is not contagious.
And I could see several facehooves back in Equestria when they find out what Twilight got herself into this time.

Rarity: TWILIGHT!! What have you done to my counterpart?! She... She... looks... hideous! How would she suppose to wear dress like that?!
Applejack: Ah don't see any problem here. Ah mean, ah an Earth Pony. There is no problem with being a pony ...horse? is there?
Fluttershy: Hmmm... Twilight, do you think you can change me like my counterpart? If you don't mind, that is...

you got me laughing with that dialog, very on point. :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:


What Twilight would look like when she go back to Equestria? (not sure what snake-pony hybrid would look like? a chimera, maybe?)

discordian twilight coming right up, that would be more chaos than even discord would be able to handle

She would be an anthro pony lima!

.....God damnit Sweetie belle.

Ummmmm do I dare ask what happens to Derpy?

“Oh, well it’s about time~ I don’t need the package anymore, but you’ll do nicely!” Rarity replied before a loud squeak came from the delivery girl, followed by the sound of a door slamming and locking.

And Derpy is now subjected to erotic fashion testing.

... Later on
Derpy : ... Errr Miss Rarity? Could you sell one of these suit to me?

I hope when AJ's chapter comes up it turns out Miss Palomino also turned into a centaur, and became sentient like dogSpike.

Perverted Spider-Rarity!

Male snakes have two penises

as a fan of reading i'm hopelessly confused.

as a monster musume fan i'm hopelessly aroused.

rarity has nothing on who she's based off


blasted bdsm arachne you and cute slime waifu's drive me to read those manga's

I eagerly await the next chapter!

I haven’t completely forgotten about this! Hee hee!
A new chapter is coming this month!

“Ugh, first my sister turns into a freaky spider monster, and now she’s busy molesting the delivery girl. I swear, she’s just going to be completely useless today.”

Is this dead?

I only ask because I've had this in my read later list for a while, and I'm trying to clear it out a bit, mostly by removing incomplete fics that won't ever be completed.


Sorry for not updating! It's not dead! I'll be posting an update very soon! Sorry again!

Oddly enough? I think that this is a great idea.

Well now.... that is going to be an awkward conversation with the family after some of the mares give birth to centaur babies.

Now I want to see pony Applejack's reaction when she meet her human counterpart - now big, futa centaur woman.

nice work on the chapters so far and looking forward to the next one.:twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh:


You know, looking at the explicit version of the cover image, I can see that now! Oopsie! ^_^'

Also, I've noticed that another author has taken up the same concept, relatively! Hopefully the future additional chapters are varied to your guys' liking!

I was hoping Twilight would have hypnosis as a lamia!

I'm sure this won't go horribly awry. Nope, definitely safe and nonworrisome.

... Well, at least Twilight didn't eat her human counterpart.

“With thisssss, I’ll have ssssssssso much fun with my… friendsssssss~” Princess Twilight hissed,

Oh, no. Princess Bookie discovered her new kink!

Princess Cadance: I sensed a new kind of lust, and it is powerful.

nice work on all chapters so far

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