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6 Months after the series finale was a hell of a time to start writing fanfics

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Good way of using Chrysalis and I found the Diamond dogs to be well integrated into it all. Just hoped the end hadnt come so suddenly.

I lost it pretty loudly

Having sat down to see if I could survive just character creation in FATAL, I can say that the system itself is thoroughly awful. At character creation you can generate an anal circumference potential that is less than your anal circumference, you need to roll up with three auto calculating spreadsheets, and you have to avoid starting with a crippling compulsion to hump church stairs.

0/10, just go play Labyrinthus.

Okay, I got a laugh or three from this one, just for the plain silliness and ridiculousness of the concept.
Chrissy is one hell of a horny bitch. We all know that for a fact; just purview so many of the fics on this site proves that point.
And Diamond Dogs, well, they're dogs. Male dogs to be precise.

Porn for porn's sake, I suppose. :trollestia:

*<>* This definitely needs a sequel with other princesses and discord

I have the bullet points for something like that: Discord is the boss of some White Plume Mountain type funhouse dungeon. He bangs Fluttershy, casts enlarge on Spike to make him mate with Rarity and Twilight, etc. At the end, it reveals this was Discord's O&O game.

Of course, if you want a story to exist, you can always write it yourself! :twilightsmile:

A Diamond Dog with multiple knots... what will they think of next? Good job on a darkly silly story! :pinkiesmile:

TBH I stole the "multiple knots" idea from the "Trials in Tainted Space" character, Dane.

Ok so are the characters in this story human or anthro?

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