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6 Months after the series finale was a hell of a time to start writing fanfics


May 2022: Stories Update · 4:04pm May 15th

Been a while since I've posted an update here...

Work and IRL shit has been keeping me busy, but lately I've been buckling down and writing more, but haven't finished/published anything in a hot minute. I think that posting here will help keep me on track, so here's a quick look at what I've got in progress:

  • A story with two very special non-pony characters hooking up after a party
  • Twilight Sparkle trying to go on a normal date after being crowned Princess of Equestria

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December 2020 Update · 5:25am Dec 14th, 2020

I just wanted to make a quick blog to say how thankful I am with how y'all have responded to my stories so far. This is first time I've posted any kind of art online that's received over 100 views, let alone over 1000. It feels silly to say this about clopfics, but it means so much to me to know that my stories are brightening up someone's day.

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