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6 Months after the series finale was a hell of a time to start writing fanfics

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this is how you need to increase the number

I wrote something along these lines about Starlight Glimmer feeling guilty over all the bad stuff she did. Never finished the story for some reason... Maybe I should? Anyways, mine was more of a dark comedy, so a different approach.

I hope one of the later chapters as Dash being among those who use the pillory rather than the one in it.

Great and thanks fir non anthro story

What about for punishing ponies who are otherwise legally immune? Like Agent Sweetie Drops getting caught snooping through Mayor Mare's office during a mission?

Nice, but would Spike just use his wings to close the stock.
Also filthy rich and Applesck next chapter, can’t wait

Twilight smiled, trotting up in front of Rainbow Dash. This was why Twilight was so fond of the pillory; By the end of the day, it was barely a punishment at all.

From a AU narrative perspective that says so much about you and ponyville...


She won't exactly be using it, but I have a chapter planned where Dash is, let's say, an "active spectator". :rainbowwild:

Back when Granny was a nubile young mare, she had constantly been getting herself thrown into the stocks on purpose so she could flirt with stallions passing by instead of keeping her head down and taking her punishment. Eventually, the stallions decided enough was enough - In front of Town Hall, the square, and everyone, a stallion had reared up and mounted her.

Every stallion nearby: "Finally!"

Rainbow Dash expected Spike to hop off of her back as he shimmied backward, but instead, he put one claw on either side of her waist. "You go on without me, Twilight," he said as he hopped partway down, still holding onto her hindquarters as he swung behind her.
"I'm going to take the first turn."

:twilightangry2:: "Spike!"
:moustache:: "Uhm... yes?"
:twilightsmile:: "I'm so proud of you, my boy! Carry on.

It had been a while since anypony was put in the pillory; Ponyville was a peaceful place. Dash blushed furiously, hating being put on the spot like this.

And here I though Rainbow would enjoy all kinds of "attention"...

Rainbow Dash opened her mouth to make a remark to Thunderlane right before he plunged his medial ring into her hole, along with the remaining length of his cock. Instead of a snide remark, the sound that escaped her mouth was a squeaky whine, so high pitched it was on the edge of hearing.

Plot twist:
The scream was so high it hit an Bat Pony frequenzy. The mating call of an horny Bat Pony mare, to be exactly.
And every Bat Pony stallion nearby had heard it...

That was her opening.
Dash spit the cum onto Smolder's face.

:twilightsmile:: "Guess who's punishment just got extended to the rest of the week?"
:rainbowderp:: "Uhm... not mine?"
:twilightsmile:: "Try again..."
:rainbowwild:: "Yes!"
:twilightsmile:: "I'm glad to see you start to see the error of your ways-"
:twilightoops:: "...wait, what?"

Damn... To make a Punishment into a reward... Neat. :rainbowdetermined2:

Catdick... Ouch... :rainbowderp:

Outside fertile times it perfect to get some steam off :rainbowkiss:

Stallion probably are very welcome during heat season :rainbowwild:

Filthy jack is always fun to see, so this chapter was a okay in my books

It was her own forebears that had started the tradition. But Applejack wasn't much of a slut, and wasn't especially looking forward to strangers and neighbors having their way with her

Granny Smith: "I'm sure I teached you better than this, child."

Pokey responded tiredly, "What? Oh-Oh, yeah. Sorry." He tried to pull his member back.
And he was stuck.

Pokey: "Well, it seems I have to stay here for a while. Poor me..."
Random stallion: "Indeed poor you. Since you're finished it is technically my turn now. But because you keep me from mounting AJ I'll have to mount you instead..."
Pokey: *gulp*

Going on into the day she had served pony after pony. Caramel, Hayseed, Dr. Hooves, Davenport -- there were ponies she had known well, and ones she had only ever talked to a hoof-full of times.
And they had all cum inside of her.

That's a good thing, right? (At least outside of heat season.)

"Big Mac, thank Celestia yer here," she groaned, "I'm at my limit. I expected gettin' used by strangers would be the worst part, but I reckon it's been more embarrasin' gettin' plowed by ponies I know."

:eeyup:: "In that case things will become very embarrassing now..."

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it.

About the ending:
Does it mean both of them will be in the stocks tomorrow?

Say, does the following theory of mine make any sense?
The stocks secretly have an (subtle) enchanted to make whoever is locked inside horny and needy while keeping them from thinking straight.

Found a missing word:

The only should she made

I believe the word "sound" is missing here.

I think we should see gilda in the stocks with spike and gabby giving her ass a good hard spanking


Pokey: "Well, it seems I have to stay here for a while. Poor me..."

"Stay a while, and listen..."

"That's right!" Twilight announced as she unlocked the stocks and helped Applejack up onto her hooves, her hips aching from Big Mac's pounding. "Now get some rest. You have a big day tomorrow." Twilight looked over at Big Mac and winked before adding, "You both do."


hope there's a part 2 of aj in the stocks

Sadly, no such plans. Next in the stocks is Pinkie Pie, but I'm taking a break from this story to finish up a Starlight/Thorax - Trixie/Pharynx story.

I want to see Twilight end up in the pillory.

Looks like Twilight never filed the paperwork to re-zone her house from a library to a castle. She's gonna have to pay for that. :twilightoops:

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